Ruffian: The Final Moments

July 2, 2024

July 6th, 1975 was the fateful day we lost one of the best, Ruffian. It is the 49th year since that sad day.

These are the final moments of the great Ruffian as they actually occurred. Many stories and versions are out there. There is, as far as we know, only one accurate version as told by the two, and only two, people who were with her right through the entire recovery process. Horse racing is an historic sport. That history should be preserved correctly, not with falsehoods.

Ruffian was arguably one of, if not the best, filly to race. She met a tragic end, and that tragedy is unfortunately a part of the Sport of Kings’ history, let’s keep it factual.

There were only two people with Ruffian post op until the decision was made and carried out. Dr. Reed, one of the surgeons was in and out of the recovery room. He ultimately euthanized her while Ray DeStefano who you will hear from here, and Dr. James Pendergast, her regular DVM held and tried as best they could to comfort her. The myths and falsehoods about her thinking she was still racing and trying to run, well we think she and the sport deserve better. The truth is the truth.

Here is the entire story as it truly happened, no filters, no inaccuracies

Thank you for listening and watching this story and Past The Wire TV

We did this and the ” Real Story” for her and the Sport.

Please let us know what you think and if you read the story if we did her justice! Thanks all.

Photo: Ruffian, NYRA Photo, Coglianese Photo, used with permission from Bob Coglianese

Videography: Big Race Jim Gazzale

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