RMTC Develops Withdrawal Guidance of HISA’s ADMC Detection Times

March 20, 2023

News Release Forwarded on Behalf of The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium (RMTC)

LEXINGTON, Ky.— The Racing Medication and Testing Consortium’s (RMTC) Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) has been asked by several Thoroughbred industry stakeholders to perform an analysis and, where data permits, develop withdrawal guidance associated with the Horseracing Integrity and Safety Authority’s (HISA) proposed Anti-Doping and Medication Control (ADMC) Screening Limits and Detection Times. The RMTC Board of Directors voted unanimously in its February 20th videoconference to approve the analysis and to develop this withdrawal guidance. 

The intention is for the RMTC to provide the industry with scientifically derived information to aid attending veterinarians and horsemen in making medication decisions and to avoid preventable errors, promote compliance with HISA’s regulations, and provide all available information in advance of HISA’s expected ADMC implementation date of March 27. 

The RMTC’s SAC has now completed its analysis of HISA’s proposed ADMC screening limits and detection times and has developed a withdrawal guidance limited to RMTC’s schedule of Controlled Therapeutic Substances (CTS). This withdrawal guidance is based on existing RMTC research and administration data. The withdrawal guidance, which can be found at https://rmtcnet.com/technical-resources/advisories-and-bulletins/, is solely intended to provide information to guide horsemen and their veterinarians as they perform an independent risk analysis and does not constitute a guarantee or warranty by the RMTC. 

Also, the Withdrawal Guidance is subject to change. As new research becomes available for each medication, the RMTC may extend or decrease the time listed in the Withdrawal Guidance. Any subsequent change in this information based upon new research will be provided upon review by the Scientific Advisory Committee and approval by the RMTC Board. 

The RMTC is a 501(c) 3 organization comprised of 23 industry stakeholder organizations with a shared commitment to engage in research, education, and advocacy for science-based initiatives that promote the health and safety of the racehorse and the integrity of competition. More information can be found at RMTCnet.com.

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