RCI Modifies Model Rules of Racing Affecting Clenbuteral, Historical Racing, Harness Tracks and Qualifying Racing

December 9, 2020

By Rebecca Shoemaker

Lexington, KY — The Association of Racing Commissioners International (ARCI) has approved new amendments to its Model Rules of Racing to: further restrict the use of clenbuterol in Thoroughbred contests; provide guidance for regulatory policy affecting ADW wagering on past live racing products; add additional requirements for harness track maintenance; and adopt the USTA policy with regard to the use of hopples in Standardbred qualifying races.

The ARCI also amended its Totalizator Standards at the request of AMTOTE to provide some redundancy in the stop betting function utilized by racing officials to close betting upon the commencement of a race.

The specific rules that were added or modified are as follows:

  • Amendment to ARCI-011-010 VETERINARY PRACTICES with a new subsection “C” Treatment Restrictions concerning the use of clenbuterol in Thoroughbred races;
  • Amendment to ARCI-004-049-ADVANCED DEPOSIT WAGERING to add a new section “C” entitled “Advanced Deposit Wagering on Past Live Racing Products”;
  • Amendment to ARCI-021-020 FACILITIES AND EQUIPMENT (D)(5)(6) which adds additional requirements on how racetracks manage track maintenance.
  • Amendment to ARCI-024-010 DECLARATIONS AND DRAWING (C)(4) in regard to the use of hopples in qualifying races for Standardbreds.

The ARCI also amended TOTE STANDARDS SECTION 1.4(f)(2)(b) which enables totalizator companies to provide stop wagering functionality via remote capabilities.

The full updated version of the Model Rules document containing these revisions, as well as a new rule pertaining to use of the riding crop in flat races, will be published by Dec. 20, 2020. For more information on the Model Rules and about ARCI, please visit www.arci.com

To review the Model Rules adopted on Dec. 4, please click here.

ARCI Press Release

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