Q & A with Robson Aguiar- An Honest Consignor

March 22, 2022

The first ever Goff’s Dubai Breeze Up sale is happening this Wednesday March 23, 2022, at Meydan Racecourse. Coinciding with the ever so popular Dubai World Cup on Saturday March 26, 2022.

Only an elite 69 horses will be offered at the sale. One horse in particular that will draw buyers attention and bring a big price is Lot 13, a filly by Justify.

Her consignor, Robson Aguiar (Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd), a native of Brazil, thinks this filly is the next big star in horse racing. Read more to find out exactly what puts this filly above the rest and what sets Aguiar different from other consignors.

1. What specifically attracted you to this filly, Lot 13 (Justify X Dothraki Queen-Pure Prize)?

She’s highly scoping, big filly, big mover, speedy, athletic, everybody excited when they see her, and the way she walks she just eats up the ground.

2. Your approach this year was unique, why did you decide to come to America to select yearlings to take back to Europe? Are there any differences you see between American horses and European horses? And why did you select this specific sale in Dubai for this filly?

The new Goff’s Dubai Breeze Up Sale clients are looking for American pedigree. A big difference between American and European horses is the approach to training.The American horses are trained gentler than European horses, I believe it has to do with the breeding. Similarly, the yearlings are trained at a rapid pace, but America can be more forgiving with horses that take longer to understand what it means to be a good racehorse. This specific sale will get a lot of buzz and people talking, especially about this filly (Lot 13).

I went to Saratoga and to the Keeneland September Yearling sale, mainly to look at Books 1,2,3. Bought the Lot 13 filly from Bluewater Sales, who was Hip 682 in Book 3. She has good scope on her and a nice walk. I believe this could be an Epsom Oaks filly.

3. I have heard you have found some great horses over the years, what sets them apart from just the average horse? What do you identify in them at the sales and while you are training them? (eyes, body, mind?)

They are just born good, can’t make a good horse, when they’re good they’re good. When you train them, you have to think about their max potential. For me to have a good mover and size is important. Pedigree helps as well, and just being a natural born athlete. Horses that are well sized, have a good frame, and you can train to put muscle on them helps move the process along. I also look for horses to have no wasted action when they are racing/training.  

4. Do you think your training methods improve these horses and help them find their potential?

Yes, I want the horse to be good, so clients come back to me. I am honest about finding a good horse.

5. Why did you decide to get into Pinhooking?

Create a horse that can be a good horse to someone so they can come back to him.  Reputation is important, I want a continuous cycle of repeat clients.

6. Do you think anyone can be good at pinhooking or does it take a specific skill set?

 Anybody can get into pinhooking if they do a proper job, buy a good horse to make the client happy.

7. What piece of advice would you give to someone wanting to start Pinhooking?

If you just focus on the money, it’s not good, focus on client, they are important, right horse, your word has to be good, in a couple of months see if horse is good, be honest.

8. Of the horses that you’ve selected, which one has been your favorite to follow the career of?

Not a specific horse, I try to follow all of them. All the horses I sell I want them all to do a good job and get a thank you or well done from clients happy with my work. However, recently, I’ve had Grade 1 winner Shantisara, Grade 2 winner Hello You, and runner up in the Breeder’s Cup Juvenile Turf Sprint Go Bears Go, just to name a few.

9. Where do you stack up this filly with the others you’ve had?

She is a good-sized filly; personality is very nice too. I worked her about 6 furlongs, and she wants to go longer on the dirt. She covered so much ground, she ate it up with a big stride. I believe she is a naturally good horse for racing.

10. How many winners did you have last year?

Multiple Group 1, 2 and 3 winners for Robson as the trainer and other winners with groups he is a part of.

 Goff’s Sale Information:

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So get ready for this impressive filly to make it to the winner’s circle. We are sure to be in for a wild ride!

By Amy Euler

Photo: Robson, (Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd Twitter page)

Video: Lot 13 filly, (Aguiar Bloodstock Ltd)

Great article and you are absolutely right. However your piece is sensible and logical- something that doesn't register with the opposition (who rely on emotion and "siege tactics")

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