Purses were up 17.09%, wagering down 0.15% from May 2021

June 6, 2022

Thoroughbred Racing Economic Indicators For May 2022

May 2022 vs. May 2021
IndicatorMay 2022May 2021% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$1,414,309,517$1,416,434,186-0.15%
U.S. Purses$125,070,907$106,817,021+17.09%
U.S. Race Days3993990.00%
U.S. Races3,2493,252-0.09%
U.S. Starts22,28923,183-3.86%
Average Field Size6.867.13-3.77%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,544,635$3,549,960-0.15%
Average Purses Per Race Day$313,461$267,712+17.09%
YTD 2022 vs. YTD 2021
IndicatorYTD 2022YTD 2021% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,290,155,463$5,284,770,052+0.10%
U.S. Purses$473,272,997$411,375,648+15.05%
U.S. Race Days1,5011,444+3.95%
U.S. Races12,51512,379+1.10%
U.S. Starts91,75693,433-1.79%
Average Field Size7.337.55-2.86%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,524,421$3,659,813-3.70%
Average Purses Per Race Day$315,305$284,886+10.68%
2020 Comparisons
 IndicatorMay 2022May 2020% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$1,414,309,517$908,333,874+55.70%
U.S. Purses$125,070,907$31,971,002+291.20%
U.S. Race Days399123+224.39%
U.S. Races3,2491,059+206.80%
U.S. Starts22,2899,145+143.73%
Average Field Size6.868.64-20.56%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,544,635$7,384,828-52.00%
Average Purses Per Race Day$313,461$259,927+20.60%
YTD 2022 vs. YTD 2020
IndicatorYTD 2022YTD 2020% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,290,155,463$4,056,194,923+30.42%
U.S. Purses$473,272,997$254,699,053+85.82%
U.S. Race Days1,5011,001+49.95%
U.S. Races12,5158,421+48.62%
U.S. Starts91,75667,928+35.08%
Average Field Size7.338.07-9.11%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,524,421$4,052,143-13.02%
Average Purses Per Race Day$315,305$254,445+23.92%
2019 ComparisonsMay 2022 vs. May 2019
IndicatorMay 2022May 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$1,414,309,517$1,300,923,869+8.72%
U.S. Purses$125,070,907$115,776,828+8.03%
U.S. Race Days399450-11.33%
U.S. Races3,2493,650-10.99%
U.S. Starts22,28925,955-14.12%
Average Field Size6.867.11-3.53%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,544,635$2,890,942+22.61%
Average Purses Per Race Day$313,461$257,282+21.84%
 YTD 2022 vs. YTD 2019   
IndicatorYTD 2022YTD 2019% Change
Wagering on U.S. Races*$5,290,155,463$4,681,850,887+12.99%
U.S. Purses$473,272,997$428,807,298+10.37%
U.S. Race Days1,5011,605-6.48%
U.S. Races12,51513,552-7.65%
U.S. Starts91,756102,513-10.49%
Average Field Size7.337.56-3.08%
Average Wagering Per Race Day$3,524,421$2,917,041+20.82%
Average Purses Per Race Day$315,305$267,170+18.02%

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