Peter Miller Not Exactly a Gentleman This Time

March 20, 2018

In my extremely limited dealings with Peter Miller, which consist of one radio interview and one attempted interview radio interview, he was courteous, fun, and engaging.

Apparently that was not the case with a pregnant former employee who he accused of trying to steal his employees and take them over to Doug O’Neill. My thought is you should never have to worry about anyone stealing your employees, and shouldn’t need a non compete to achieve that. Take care of your people and develop a work family environment. Everyone will want to join you and nobody can steal anyone. That’s how you know you are doing something right.

There is always a back story and at least three versions of anything that happens, but this looks bad for Peter as one should never speak to any lady that way.

Read more about Peter Miller and the incident

Good Work here, particularly this, which is being missed by many with good intentions. Folks wanting racing to end aren't getting messages that matter to them. Thanks.

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