Peter Miller is stepping away from training

November 19, 2021

Five-time Breeders’ Cup champion and multiple graded stakes winning trainer Peter Miller will bc taking a temporary hiatus from the rigors Of daily training beginning Monday, November 29 to spend more time with his family, focus on overall health and wellness, and pursue other interests. In his own words, the trainer details how he arrived at this decision:

have been working virtually every day on the backstretch of a racetrack since the day after I graduated from high school in 1984. On that day, [ was lucky enough to be hired by the great Hall of Fame trainer Charlie Wittmgham. J am and forever will be grateful for all that he taught me.”

“Throughout my career I have derived great joy in the pursuit of my passion as a trainer Managing a large stable is a 24 hour, 365-day a year endeavour. The effort to compete at the highest level Of my profession has taken its toll on my family and my health and I believe this decision is best for me, my family and our future.”

“I know that there may bc some speculation related to this decision; however, J want to make it very clear that it is not a result of any regulatory action, secret agreement or hidden agenda of any kind. This is strictly a personal decision.”

‘So as of November 29 1 will be taking a step back. I am gratefUl to all of my clients and my talented hard-working team. I am completely indebted to them for the successes we have shared My extremely capable and long-time assistant Ruben Alvarado will be taking the reins and I will continue to act as an advisor/racing manager to my owners and my assistants as well as staying involved as an owner myself.”

“My love for horses lured me to the racetrack as a teenager and held me there for the next 38 years, I trust that it will bring me back after this hiatus,”

Peter Miler Stables Press release

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