Past the Wire TV: Re-Breaking in Horse Racing Defined

June 7, 2022

Re- Breaking in horse racing. It is probably one of the most misunderstood things people talk about, especially handicappers. Many use it as a barometer to determine if a trainer is cheating or using something they shouldn’t be.

What is re-breaking? How do you see or recognize it and more importantly; how do you distinguish it from changing leads and the result of pace ramifications.

What you’ll hear on this show is pure gold when it comes to this important, sensitive and again often misunderstood topic. We take you where nobody else can or will.

We’ll take you Past the Wire and give you the tools and insight to help you know exactly what you are seeing from both a trainer, manager and bloodstock agent perspective with Michael Wilson. We also have the perspective of a long time successful player and student of the game Jonathan Stettin. You can catch them both on our show Unfiltered on Past the Wire TV right here on our channel covering a wide array of subjects, but today they are on our regular show bringing you a world of information.

Again this is pure gold on the best horse racing channel and show out there. Thank you for tuning in and we have a lot more coming! Count on it!

Re-Breaking defined on Past the Wire TV, Maximum Security in the Kentucky Derby, Photo: Courtney Snow, Past the Wire

Thnx to @jonathanstettin I made being right about Channel Maker count! Didn’t play him in under at all, cashed dbls, exs,tri, super and p4.

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