One on One with Ron Turcotte

September 24, 2021

The best Ron Turcotte interview ever

The best Secretariat conversation in horse racing

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“I begged Lucien for a week not to run the horse.”

Ron Turcotte had one of the best careers in the saddle of any jockey ever. While he became a household name riding the great Secretariat Ron rode so many great horses to victory. Northern Dancer, Tom Rolfe, Dahlia, Shuvee, Riva Ridge and the list goes on.

He won the Triple Crown, met the Queen, and won five out of six classic races over a two year span. Find out why it wasn’t six for six.

More than 3000 wins and over 28 million in purses in a brilliant career cut short by one of the darkest sides of the sport. Jonathan Stettin sits down with racing legend Ron Turcotte and goes one on one about racing and Ron’s career.

Did Churchill Downs actually turn Ron Turcotte away from entry?

Was Secretariat truly a better horse on the grass? Was wasn’t Secretariat undefeated?

Why was Riva Ridge so special to Ron?

How and why did Ron get taken off international star Dahlia after winning a grade 1 against the boys?

What was so special about Shuvee and her famous tail swishing?

How did Ron beat Dahlia after getting taken off her?

What really happened when Onion beat Big Red in the Whitney?

Not many know Damascus once lost three shoes in a race, what happened?

What was it like riding against perhaps the toughest colony ever and not being in the click?

Who really saved Meadow Stables? Did the movie get it right?

What was Ron’s relationship with Sham’s trainer Frank Pancho Martin really like?

Ron packed up and left New Brunswick for Toronto not knowing what was to come. Find out more about the very special gentleman and his many contributions to the Sport of Kings in what is likely the best Ron Turcotte interview you’ll ever see. Let’s go Past the Wire!

NYRA photo, Coglianese Photos, inaugural Marlboro Cup

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