One on One with Big Mike in The Rogue’s Gallery

November 10, 2023

Big Mike loves the game and we love Big Mike. Yes, Mike is a gentleman who carries himself with nothing but class, but it is his enthusiasm and love for the sport of horse racing, and his consistent posting of monster tickets that got him on Past the Wire TV and into The Rogue’s Gallery. Not everybody gets in, you gotta earn it!

Mike Crutchfield understands what it takes to beat the game. It wasn’t always that way however and Mike is more than willing to share his journey to going after pools and scores.

Mike and John talk betting, ticket structure, philosophies, social media and a lot more. You know how it is, out two passionate guys about the sport together and a lot comes up and comes out.

We loved our Big Mike show and we think you will too. You can follow Mike on X formerly known as Twitter at @mcrutchfield28

They call him Big Mike and we do to but we also call him “Monster Ticket Mike”

You’ll be glad you did and you’ll see some monster tickets!

Thank you for watching Past The Wire TV

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