One on One Q and A with Carlos Martin

July 23, 2022

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Today we have some One on One Q and A with Carlos Martin.

The Martin family in Horse Racing is royalty. It is more than the American dream as it started a movement and wave of trainers and generations of horsemen that continues today. Carlos Martin is a third generation Martin trainer, at least here in the US but he is not the only Martin continuing his Hall of Fame Grandfathers tradition. His sister Gloria and his Uncle Greg are excellent horsemen as well. His father Jose, Frank’s son, was one of the best just like Pancho was. You can read about Frank Pancho Martin HERE

It all started when Frank Pancho Martin came from Cuba to the United States with about $5 dollars in his pocket. he became the perennial leading trainer in New York playing the claiming game as good as anyone and turning modest horses into stakes winners. Today Carlos is a successful trainer on that same New York circuit and has his barn at Saratoga where he has already won a race at the 2022 meet. Greg and Gloria run a multi-faceted farm in Ocala Florida.

Carlos has a memory and sharpness about him racing could use more of. He’s an old school trainer who pays attention to detail and the individuality of each horse in his care. We think you will enjoy getting to know him on this episode of Past The Wire TV. We surely enjoyed talking to him! And NYRA, let’s go we need and deserve a stake race named for Frank Pancho Martin. It’s long overdue!

Carlos Martin in the paddock at Saratoga, Carlos Martin Facebook

For more about Frank Pancho Martin nobody tells it like Ray!

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