Ohio Racing’s link to Puerto Rico racing is not pretty

October 7, 2021

The lack of oversight of the Ohio Racing Commission, soft rules regarding claims and vet exams along with drugs creates a horse racing cesspool

A few days ago we wrote about an ill fated horse named Mox Nix. You can read and we encourage you to do so about him HERE. That article inspired a flurry of incoming comments from trainers and horsemen familiar with not only Belterra Park, but with Ohio racing in general. Most were scared to go on record in fear of retaliation from not only unscrupulous barns but from racing officials, vets, and possibly the racing commission. Fortunately not everyone was afraid. Unfortunately there are a lot of Mox Nixs out there.

We’ve learned there is a direct link from Ohio racing to Puerto Rico racing and that horses on the vets list in Ohio can wind up running in Puerto Rico. That is the tip of the iceberg.

This is a must watch video for everyone who cheerleads about how much progress we are making as an industry. This is a must watch for everyone turning their heads and pretending everything is ok. It isn’t.

On this episode of Past the Wire TV we are joined by trainer Nancy Adams, Chrissy Laughlin of Caribbean Thoroughbred Aftercare, and Eduardo Maldonado who is a winner of the Triple Crown in Puerto Rico. This is a no holds barred conversation and we invite Gov. Mike De Wine of Ohio and Gov. Pedro Pierluisi to watch it as you both need to be aware of what is happening in your respective jurisdictions.

William Boyd and Keith Smith of Boyd Gaming you are also invited. We’d love to hear from you. Scott Borgemenke of the Ohio Racing Commission feel free to weigh in. The Jockey Club, The HBPA, you need to hear these people also. You all owe it to the horses. We all do.

Was there a Mox Nix pre race exam and what did it consist of? Does Robert Bennett even know what is going on with his horses or is it Andrew? Toast and Jam is on the Ohio vet list but won today in Puerto Rico. Was there any pre race test?

The fields. Who are in them, how did they get there and who owned them? And yes there is more to come.

You can watch the show here:

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