Money Management at the racetrack

November 20, 2021

Welcome to another Gate to Wire episode.

Most seasons horseplayers and gamblers know success at the racetrack depends on more than picking winners.

There are three important elements that require some level of expertise to “beat the game” and wind up one of the few who can show a profit and even the smaller percentage of professional players that can actually make a living playing horses. Yes, it can be done but it takes work and dedication.

The three elements, which are crucial but not the only factors are:


Ticket Structure

Money Management

Two out of three ain’t bad might be a song, but it is not good enough to win consistently at the racetrack. At some point you will have to know how to manage that bankroll.

On this episode of Past the Wire’s podcast Gate to Wire Michael Vale talks with professional player Jonathan Stettin about money management. Jon has a long history of success and is one of the best handicappers and sharpest players in the game. Learn how he treats “the bankroll” in a manner all bettors can easily identify with.

As always thank you for tuning in.

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