Matt Dinerman, The Art of Race Calling

March 12, 2024

Race calling is an art. Oaklawn Park track announcer Matt Dinerman has perfected the art as he is providing outstanding race calls with his own unique style. Oaklawn Park, home of The Arkansas Derby, a launching pad for Kentucky Derby winners has become a premiere meet with large fields, historic stake races, and a festive atmosphere. Matt provides enthusiastic calls of the races and serves as a master of ceremonies in a way.

Jeff Metz is joined by Matt to talk about calling the races at Oaklawn, possibly calling a horse who may win The Kentucky Derby, and his career.

Thank you for watching and let us know what you think of the show. We enjoyed having Matt and we think you will enjoy him as well!

Photo: Matt Dinerman, Matt’s X feed, @3coltshandicap
Videography: Jim Gazzale, Past the Wire

@jonathanstettin, Thank you so much! You are all class!

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