Legacy Equine Academy announces partnership with Spy Coast Farm

February 18, 2022

LEXINGTON, KY – Legacy Equine Academy (LEA) and Spy Coast Farm announced a three-year multi-faceted partnership to serve local students interested in pursuing equestrian and agricultural studies. Through the use of Spy Coast Farm’s breeding, development and education center based in Lexington, KY, these students will have access to equine related education and career pathway support.
With the new partnership, Spy Coast Farm will provide funding, experiential access to industry events and professional career training for LEA student leaders. This alliance represents Spy Coast Farm’s commitment to community reinvestment and outreach to a diversified audience of youth seeking equine industry access and exposure including local workforce development opportunities.
Spy Coast Farm specializes in the breeding and development of top-quality performance horses. They employ an integrated approach to all our reproductive, training, competition, and sales efforts. Over time they have extended this approach to include rehabilitation and fitness services, CEM quarantine, and an Equine Education Center.

“It is my belief that over time, Spy Coast Farm will contribute far more than funding to your program. What we can contribute in the way of educational space, equine knowledge and opportunities will be very significant and I believe transformational for your program. I also believe that a diverse array of additional funding sources and participants will be crucial for LEA’s goals to be achieved.

Lisa Lourie, Spy Coast Farm Owner and Operator

Legacy Equine Academy program allows African American and racially diverse Middle and High School students the unique opportunity to build life skills while learning horsemanship through base instruction, as well as, provide industry related internship, co-ops and college scholarships.

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Spy Coast Farm for the upcoming seasons. The mission of LEA is to meet the needs of Business and Industry by identifying and overseeing a structured pathway for youth that will promote career related opportunities. Our roots come from the equine industry, but the skills and development are applicable far beyond horses. It is about the youth, our heritage and our future.”

Ronald W. Mack, Legacy Equine Academy Founder and CEO
“Honoring Our Heritage, While Blazing a New Trail”

Legacy Equine Academy Press Release

Photo: Legacy Equine Academy

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