Larry Rolla, Race Fixing, The Mob, and where a lot of the bodies are buried

September 20, 2023

Larry Rolla, Horse Racing and The Mob

This one absolutely qualifies for The Rouge’s Gallery!

Larry Rolla has been there, done that, and most of the time more than once. If you want to talk race fixing back when, and also today, Larry is as good a choice to converse with as you’ll find. Larry Rolla was involved and a key player in the past race fixing scandals that reached as far as the prestigious Saratoga meet. Does it still go on? Listen and find out that and more.

How was it done, what is the biggest misconception about it, how was ‘The Mob” involved and so much more. Larry joins our own Jonathan Stettin who has a story or two himself. These two make up for a great show you won’t want to miss. You will also want to read this article Jon wrote a while ago about this very story……Cheating and Race Fixing in Horse Racing

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Without further ado…..Here’s Larry:

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Photo: Larry Rolla

You can find more information about Larry there including his book Against All Odds

Videography: Jim Gazzale, Past the Wire

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