“Jump into Fall!” with the National Steeplechase Association

October 22, 2020

Exciting jump racing action through complimentary LIVE STREAM

FAIR HILL, Md., Oct. 22, 2020–With COVID-19 eliminating, or severely limiting, live spectators at fall steeplechase races from Pennsylvania to Georgia, race organizers were struggling with decisions on whether or not to continue with their race plans.  Since the pandemic, and with events not allowed to have spectators in much of the U.S., there has been a large decrease in equestrian events. Many of those employed in the industry face potential unemployment and financial hardship. Additionally, many non-profits usually receive funding and increased awareness through relationships with steeplechase race meets.

In an effort to help alleviate the hardship on the industry and their partners, the National Steeplechase Association has stepped up and is livestreaming several fall race meets.  These efforts by NSA allow the horses to race, while spectators enjoy the sport from their homes, and associated non-profits – including land conservation organizations, community hospitals and food banks— continue to have a spotlight on their great work.

Over the past years, steeplechase events have contributed millions to community nonprofits. “We wanted to provide a venue for the steeplechase/racing industry to be able to get horses out and receive some financial support in the form of purse money while continuing to create exposure for non-profit beneficiaries,” explained Dr. William Allison, co-chairman of the Virginia Gold Cup Association, the organization that oversees the Virginia Gold Cup and the International Gold Cup. “Thanks to the NSA, horsemen have been able to continue training their equine athletes and fans can still enjoy the racing through Live Stream viewing.”

Race fans and equestrian enthusiasts can easily “Jump into Fall!” and view the Live Stream at http://nsa.network.video/ on the following dates:

  • Saturday, October 24 – International Gold Cup; The Plains, Virginia
  • Sunday, November 1 – Pennsylvania Hunt Cup; Unionville, Pennsylvania
  • Saturday, November 7 – Steeplechase at Callaway; Pine Mountain, Georgia
  • Sunday, November 15 – Steeplechase of Charleston; Hollywood, South Carolina

Race day start times generally kick off at 12:30 pm; final start times will be posted on the NSA website 48 hours before each race meet.  Expert commentary will be provided by industry insiders Megan Connolly and Joe Clancy, with guest appearances from other sporting notables.

Unlike flat track racing, steeplechase racing provides the thrills and excitement of Thoroughbred horses racing over fences. By most accounts, the first steeplechase race was held in 1752 in Ireland. Today’s sport is a true celebration of the long and close relationship between man and the horse. Riders depend on the athleticism, strength, speed and sure-footedness of their horses to carry them safely over varied fences.

“While COVID restrictions have made race meets challenging this year, we hope to be able to bring in new spectators who may want to see and learn about steeplechase racing,” said Al Griffin, president of the NSA. “It’s an exciting sport that relies on a partnership between riders and horses—not something you see with other sports. The live stream provides an opportunity for the public to see what it’s all about, free of charge.”

This year, the Live Stream will capture that excitement as well as gorgeous fall scenery in some of the country’s most beautiful equestrian regions. The complimentary Live Stream productions have been sponsored by Brown Advisory, Charleston’s The Post & Courier, Bruton Street-US and the Virginia Equine Alliance.

Press Release/Photo – National Steeplechase Association

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