Joseph Allen Joins WHOA in Support of the Horseracing Integrity Act

September 30, 2019

Joseph Allen is an American businessman and a multiple graded stakes winning 
Thoroughbred owner and breeder.  He joins the growing groundswell of industry members who support the Horseracing Integrity Act now before Congress. The legislation would create a private, independent horse racing anti-doping authority, the Horseracing Anti-Doping and Medication Control Authority (HADA). Allen and other members of the Water Hay Oats Alliance (WHOA) are calling for a ban on race-day medication and the development of this nationwide anti-doping and medication control program for horse racing.   Allen shared the following comments with WHOA:  

“I have been involved in Thoroughbred Racing as an owner and breeder for over 45 years. I am very much in support of the efforts of WHOA. All other professional sports in the United States have a zero drug policy. Each sport operates under a uniform set of rules governed by a single body which provides oversight and enforcement. I believe Thoroughbred Racing in the United States should do the same. When I began racing in New York in the early 1970’s, the New York Racing Association (NYRA) had a zero tolerance drug policy. Racing in New York was regarded as the best in the nation and admired internationally. Horses were hardier, raced more often, and had longer careers. Over the years, NYRA substantially relaxed those standards in order to compete with other jurisdictions for horses. This has led to chaos, inequities, and a nationwide influx of performance enhancing drugs. There is now a public perception that American Racing is drug dependent and inhumane. This perception must be changed. We know human athletes would not be treated this way. I believe that if the Thoroughbred Industry adopts a single uniform zero tolerance drug policy which would be fair to all, that perception will be changed.” Joseph Allen

After graduating from the University of Michigan, Allen partnered with his cousin, Peter M. Brant in the privately owned newsprint company, Brant-Allen Industries, Inc. He served as vice chairman and president of the company until his retirement in 2003. 
Allen and Brant also partnered in Thoroughbred racing and breeding and together owned Just a Game, winner of the 1980 Eclipse Award for American Champion Female Turf Horse.
In recent years Allen has bred and or campaigned horses like Dynaformer, Glitterwoman, Andover Way, and Starry Dreamer.  For a decade he raced primarily in France and Ireland where raceday medication is not permitted and where he had great success with horses like Declaration of War, Lines of Battle, War Command, and Homesman, all Group 1 winners.  But today, Joe Allen is best known for a horse he bred and campaigned, War Front, who has become one of the world’s most highly coveted stallions as the sire of 8 champions, 12 millionaires, and countless graded winners.

From: Press Release

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