Jonathan Stettin interviewed on the new Bet with the Best podcast by Chris Larmay

April 25, 2023

Christopher Larmay has started a new podcast geared towards betting on Horse Races, The Bet with the Best podcast

‘This show is all about Betting on horse races. It’s not a show that gives out picks or talks about handicapping. Instead, we have a guest each week and we go in depth about how they approach the betting side of the game. If you are a new horseplayer or someone who thinks they are good at handicapping but not so good at betting, then this is the podcast for you.’

Christopher Larmay

On this episode Christopher does an in depth interview with our own Jonathan Stettin one of the more successful bettors in the game. Jonathan was a professional player for a long time with a strong ‘track record’ including multiple large pick 6 hits. Chris asks Jon about his philosophies, style and approach to the game. They cover a lot of ground here in what the sheet players would call a very wide but good trip.

Bet with the Best podcast, guest Jonathan Stettin

You can catch more episodes of this new and unique show HERE

@Tracking_Trips using p6k king picks a $1 Sftbx box on off 13 races would cost $312 return over $7300

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