Joint Statement by THA, KTA and TOBA

May 4, 2022

Joint Statement By Thoroughbred Horsemen’s Associations, Inc, Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, Thoroughbred Owners And Breeders Association

HISA represents a critical turning point for the industry. Its implementation provides the best opportunity for us to change the perception of our sport through our collective efforts to protect the health, safety and welfare of the horse and rider and the integrity of horse racing.

We commend the HISA Board for its deliberative approach towards the establishment of the most practical and effective Anti-Doping and Medication Control Program of any sport. HISA’s partnership with Drug Free Sport International, and the creation of the Horseracing Integrity and Welfare Unit, fulfills the industry’s need for an effective, independently controlled enforcement agency that will build upon and improve thoroughbred racing’s well-established medication and anti-doping rules, bring long-sought uniformity, oversee and improve our testing system, implement a streamlined but fair adjudicatory process, and develop a new investigative arm that the industry once had but lost.

While some may be disappointed with HISA’s decision, we believe it is entirely consistent with the enabling legislation and the intent of those who were responsible for its development. We look forward to working with the DFSI team and the HISA Board and will offer whatever resources and support we can to fulfill the fundamental goals of equine health and safety and the integrity of racing.

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