Jockey Questions and Transparency, should we be able to ask questions and expect answers

April 1, 2021

At Past the Wire where we are horse racing uncensored, we ask the question should players be able to professionally ask questions of riders when they see rides which as investors they are not comfortable with? We think yes they should and it goes towards the transparency the sport needs to truly thrive again if that is even possible.

On this episode of Past the Wire TV and our podcast Gate to Wire brought to you by Spendthrift Farm we have what we believe to be a very interesting show.

Past the Wire reader and founder of Mark Dilorenzo, a respected professional horse player watched a ride he thought was questionable. He reached out to several racing media outlets, nobody responded. Watch and or listen to our fair, unbiased and balanced conversation about this interesting and touchy subject.

The video of the race mark questioned and his breakdown of it can be seen on his twitter feed @GiddyUpBets or at our twitter feed @pastthewire

At Past the Wire we as much as anyone respect the riders for the true athletes and competitors they are. We know how difficult the jockey lifestyle can be. We truly believe the large majority are all in with every horse they ride and want to win every race they can. We also think it is fair to talk to them about rides and decisions they make the same way athletes in other sports take questions about plays, good and bad in press conferences, and also in interviews.

UPDATE: We did hear from Steve Rushing, Irad’s agent after the show. Steve pointed out two factors. First, the horses past performances and record of second place finishes. Second, he said Irad rode to trainer Saffie Joseph’s instructions. I will add this. many times a rider will try and time a horse getting to the wire the last second or stride if a horse has a tendency to hang, wait on horses, pull themselves up, or just run second as in what we call “seconditis.” I wish we could have gotten Steve and or Irad on live with us but it didn’t work out.

Sit back and enjoy the show on our You Tube Channel or podcast version below:

Mark Dilorenzo joins the Past the Wire clan

Podcast Version:

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