Handicapping Two-Year-Old Thoroughbreds

June 11, 2024

Some things are only natural. This is one of them. How could we not have our own Shane Swenson join Jon in the Rouges’ Gallery for a One on One about handicapping two-year-olds? Exactly, we couldn’t so here he is.

The Two-Year-Old Edge Man himself sits down with Jon to talk about how he handicaps two-year-old baby races, what he looks for, what he emphasizes and what he shies away from. We even get some nuggets from Jon himself and there is something in this show for everyone at every level.

We apologize for the iffy WiFi connection, but it wasn’t that bad, we don’t know what caused it and it is well worth working through. You can find The Edge Man’s book at Amazon here

Check out Shane’s book and thank you for watching Past The Wire TV!

Nobody Does it Better!

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