Handicapping Fundamentals and Beating the Game

May 14, 2021

When handicapping horses good fundamentals are so important. Whether it is reading past performances, looking at thoro-graph, watching replays, or doing whatever works for you and using what is in your arsenal, there is a right and wring way of doing it. The same applies to wagering, and money management. Ticket structure, knowing how much of your bankroll to invest, and knowing when to go for the kill or pass are vital elements equally as important as picking winners. Where and from who you learn is also crucial.

Regardless of what level you are at two things always remain true. Your opinion is the most important one and a second set of well trained experienced eyes never hurts a la TRACKING TRIPS at pastthewire.com In this video professional player Jonathan Stettin shares some keys to becoming a better bettor and essentials to not just grinding out a few extra dollars but to beating the game and taking down scores.

Cash less but win more is one of the things Jon has been telling people for years.

You have to know how to make it count when you’re right in a game where we all will be wrong more often than we are right. Be armed with the tools you need. One of the reasons so few beat the game like Jon has is many of these concepts go against human nature which is to cash as many tickets as possible, thus prompting people to use more horses than they should and create additional wagering hurdles.

Learn how not to fall into the traps that will put you on that long list of people who have no shot at beating this game before the horses even get to the starting gate.

Both the Past the Wire TV version and the Gate to Wire podcast version are below.

Join us for a deep dive into improving your game and having the right fundamentals in place;

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