Handicapping for Horses Invitational

June 18, 2019

I recently caught up with Bruno De Julio and he informed me of a very interesting contest that was taking place with a special field of handicappers for the Saratoga meet. The idea behind the Handicapping For Horses Invitational is to raise funds for the retired equine athlete. Bruno and Stuart De Voe of Embassy Suites in Saratoga put the contest together 

I asked Bruno how this idea came to fruition?

“The horse and its welfare are of utmost importance to all parties interested in horse racing.  It is our moral obligation to do everything that we can to protect the horse.  This is one small way to do so.”

Past The Wire is also a supporter of thoroughbred aftercare and naturally we were very excited to hear about this awesome contest.  De Julio went on to describe a back history to a like contest that used to go on in Las Vegas that he and a gentleman by the name of Stuart De Voe participated in years ago.

“We worked with Mugsy Muniz of the Coast Properties in Las Vegas in middle 90s and ‘Mugsy started the Battle at the Barbary over the entire 7 week Del Mar meet which attracted fans by the droves to pick up the daily sheet and follow the handicappers. In 1995, Mugsy assembled the likes of James Quinn, Tom Brohamer, Gordon Jones, Bob Ike and myself. He had weekly weekend seminars with the participants at the Barbary Coast.” 

Bruno said;

“Those of us that bet on the sport of Thoroughbred Racing, do so for many reasons.  First and foremost is the love of the equine.  There is something about how they move.  How they look at you.  To watch them in full flight for the wire sees no equal.  We love to study the races and all of its intricacies because of the animal- the horse. This love affair doesn’t end after the races are over.  We are contributing to make sure it doesn’t.  And you can too! We hope to generate the buzz and excitement of the competition and turn it into a windfall of proceeds for Thoroughbred Aftercare. All participants are welcome to donate.”

Basis of how the Contest is to be run-

Participate in our Handicapping of Horses Invitational.  

Saratoga Race Meet – 3 races per day, Mythical $20WP wagers

The winner gets a donation, in their name, to Thoroughbred Aftercare.

50% of all monies raised goes to Old Friends at Cabin Creek. Old Friends is a 501c-3 and you can learn more about them here……

50% of all monies raised goes to an accredited charity of the winner’s choice. 

Purchase one of the selected beverages at The Diamond Club at Embassy Suites – Saratoga, The Diamond Club at Clifton Park Center or other participating establishments where all profits go to Aftercare.

Drop money into one of the donation boxes when you pick up your contest sheet containing each day’s picks from the Professionals in the contest.

“Join us EVERY FRIDAY at Embassy Suites for a live meet and greet with Bruno or one of the contestants and or other special guests.”

The Field

Dan Tordjman -America’s Best Racing  

Dave Weaver “Ice Cold” -TVG

Team Rotondo -Pete Jr and Sr #Gethotstayhot

Jude Feld – Horse Racing Radio Network

Megan Devine – TVG 

Michael Beychok- NHC Champion

Jon Stettin -Past the Wire- “Pick 6 King”

Lee Davis – #pitchingwinsgames

Sean Clancy – Saratoga Special

Acacia Courtney – Analyst & Paddock Reporter- Gulfstream Park

Brian Nadeau – Capital OTB/Horse Player Now

Bruno – Racingwithbruno

This is an amazing opportunity to have some fun while supporting a great cause. Please be sure to lend your support. Now more than ever it is becoming more crucial that we take care of our own. All of us involved in horse racing have the ability to do something to help give these horses a great retirement and to keep them healthy and happy after they leave the track.

Don’t forget you can also make a donation directly to Old Friends at Cabin Creek, or any other accredited aftercare organization. Who’s your top pick to win it all?

 Contact Bruno De Julio at brunowiththeworks.com for more details….. 

Contact Stuart De Voe at Embassy Suites in Saratoga for more info.

A Press Release and Official Rules sheet will follow in the coming days.

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