Good Fats-Bad Fats O3 Animal Health Explains

November 2, 2019

This refining process is done to strip the oils of so-called “impurities” (which can often be the source of valuable nutrients). Refined oils have been shown to cause an increase in inflammation and oxidative stress, which makes them potentially dangerous for your horse.  

By contrast, all O3 Animal Health products are processed under minimal heat (cold or expeller pressed). These oils maintain their natural antioxidants such as vitamin e, beta carotene, tocotrienols and other tocopherols. The delicate essential fatty acids are protected and therefore bio available for the horse. They also have a longer shelf life and are more easily digested. 

You might think of it this way… these lesser quality chemically processed “bad” fats would be like feeding your horse french fries instead of a healthy “good fat” organic avocado.

Our products have no chemical processing. 

Our soybean oil is organic, non-gmo and even more importantly, cold expeller pressed to protect all the delicate essential fatty acids so the horse can utilize them.

Check your labels.

If the oil you use does not specifically state that it is cold or expeller pressed, it is most likely heat or chemically processed. Not only are those oils far less than ideal for the horse, the essential fatty acids (omega) are destroyed through this process. Essentially wasting your money and effort.

Horses of normal weight and in normal work should not gain weight on the maintenance dose of our products.

That being said, if your horse needs additional healthy weight you can use our Equine Mega Gain product and/or a loading dose of our Equine Omega Complete product to help achieve a good healthy weight. Then a maintenance dose will help the horse maintain that healthy weight plus all the other benefits.

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