George Allan Bryant, Courageous, Tough, Determined, and trains horses too

July 18, 2023

You won’t meet a lot of people like George Allan Bryant. First, how many trainers will tell you they love a 50-1 shot they are running in a few days? Well check it out George does but that is nothing for this man.

George is a cancer survivor, not once but twice. He has demonstrated a will not often seen and soldiers on daily in conditions that would keep many in bed and in tears. George shrugs that off and does what he loves, and does it with passion. He trains horses and wins races.

Do not miss the chance to meet and know this truly inspiring man. He is bringing owners into the sport with his contagious enthusiasm. George is special, and he made this episode special just by sharing his story with us and YOU! We hope and believe there is a Woodchopper and Lecomte with George’s name on them and Nobody Deserves it More! Once you watch you’ll see what we mean and why. And again where else will you have a trainer tell you they love a 50-1 shot and why. Right here on Past the Wire TV!

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Photo: George Allan Bryant

Videography: Only the best, Jim Gazzale

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