Geo Sette and the Alabama Stakes Fillies, his precise predicted order of finish first to last

August 17, 2023

Julia Shining (Coady Photography)

It is Alabama Saturday at Saratoga. As you have come to expect Geo Sette has done his homework and then some. Geo goes through the field of three-year-old fillies set for the prestigious Alabama Stakes at Saratoga and provides us with his precise predicted order of finish.

Geo has been known to hit these races ice cold so we will be anxious to see how he does this year in one of our favorite races of the season.

The mile and a quarter of The Alabama Stakes can be a challenge and we have a competitive field for Geo to decipher.

Don’t forget to watch Saratoga Saturday on Past The Wire TV every Saturday of the meet also for more on The Alabama and the Saturday card.

Enjoy the Geo Sette “Alabama Stakes Deep Dive!”

Videography: Only the best, Jim Gazzale, Past The Wire

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