Game of Silks, the update

August 2, 2022

The metaverse. There is little question it is a big part of the future. We have been moving in that direction since the inception of the internet.

Game of Silks has the lofty ambition of merging Horse Racing, The Sport of Kings into the metaverse and they are well on their way to doing just that. Despite a less that ideal economy and crypto market, Game of Silks is thriving and gaining more traction by the minute let alone the day.

If you don’t know about Game of Silks you will want to. You can watch our original video introducing founders Troy Levy and Dan Nissanoff right here on Past The Wire TV We’ll put a link in the comments. You can also get your intro HERE

To get caught up on where Game of Silks is now, and where they are going, and when the Game of Silks may mirror dollar for dollar The Sport of Kings just check out this update with Troy. You will be glad you did and go get your Avatar.

It’s like Fantasy Football times ten!

Play to earn, Game of Silks. Check it out below…..

@PastTheWire Thank you for that article. I was 11yrs old watching race on TV & remember it like yesterday.Great article #GreatHorse #Ruffian

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