Game of Silks, taking horse racing into the meta verse

November 23, 2022

Game of Silks, Stand Back, we don’t know how big it’s gonna get

From the moment Troy Levy and Dan Nissanoff told me about Game of Silks I was intrigued. The three of us sat down on Past The Wire TV and they explained a concept and platform straight out of the future, and as it turns out, the future is now.

I encourage anyone interested in technology, horse racing, the meta verse, and yes the future to watch the show.

I believed in the concept so much I purchased an avatar, obtained some land, got myself a nice looking two-year old by Into Mischief out of a Curlin mare, and even have stock options I intend to exercise. Like it or not the future is coming, the world is changing, and history shows us time and time again how fast things change and how big some things can get. ADW’s have come along way since Ubet. Facebook, Google, and Twitter take up as much of peoples time as anything.

Many of us remember will remember pay phones, then beepers, then digital pagers, big bulky cell phones with a briefcase attached and now hand held computers that can not only make calls but make bets and run NASA if need be. Things change and evolve. More and more we do things from home, and be it for better or worse, it is the way society is evolving. You can press a few buttons, make a few clicks and have just about anything brought to your door. It can be a pizza, groceries, or even a new car.

Horse racing is plagued with issues and safety and aftercare rank at the top of the concerns. Moving racing into the meta verse while at this point in time is anticipated by Game of Silks to mirror the actual sport, looking three moves ahead I can see where it can possibly become the sport. Not everyone thinks three moves ahead and we are not there yet, but you have to admit racing in a virtual meta verse eliminates those two primary and significant issues.

Back to reality, Game of Silks is developing quite a following. Not only have I gotten some friends and Past The Wire readers and followers involved, but recently I started hearing on the NYRA Fox telecasts coming in December, Game of Silks. I don’t know exactly what that means, but what comes to mind is:

Stand back, we don’t know how big it’s gonna get

Jonathan Stettin on Game of Silks, Past The Wire

I’ll be the first to admit I don’t know a bit coin from a buffalo nickel. I didn’t know what an NFT was until the show with Troy and Dan. None of that mattered as Silks made the process of getting involved both easy and educational. I have the NFT of a Into Mischief colt that I likely never would have opted to do in actual racing. I’ll probably opt for a few more.

There are farms, horses, avatars, land, and all kind of things happening on the Game of Silks platform and you can earn. You can hit Saratoga in the day and Del Mar afterwards entering a virtual track, paddock and even talk with others who have avatars.

You gotta check it out. It is really cool. You can see more at the Game of Silks website and get the basics right from Troy and Dan here:

Silks is an exciting platform, and if you love horse facing and the financial opportunities it presents, you owe it to yourself to take a look. You might just end up with an avatar and a horse.

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