Game of Silks – Reflections  Weeks of 9/11/23 & 9/18/23

September 25, 2023

By 2YO EdgeMan

We are thrilled to bring you a two week update to cover the last couple of weeks in the exciting Game of Silks. For those of you who are not yet familiar with this game, I encourage you to check it out at  The volume of the buzz surrounding this fantastic, fantasy horse racing game that pays out real rewards to owners that have a digital ‘twin’ of a real live thoroughbred horse that finishes ‘in the money’ is getting louder and louder. The people that are involved and that have ‘minted’ a horse are fired up – they are having a blast and enjoy seeing ETH flowing into their accounts as their stable of runners does well. 

Crown Imperial. (Coady Photography)

Back on 9/13/23, Kentucky Downs hosted the 6 ½ furlong, $500,000 Pepsi Untapable Stakes for 2YO fillies to conclude their last day of racing this meet and year. Yes, you read that right! $500,000, or said a different way – $1/2 million dollars. Silks owners get 10% of the payouts of the real race!  Anyway, it was a tremendous event. Although Candi Girl, with odds of 7/1, led for the first half mile of the race, Buttercream Babe had caught and passed her by the head of the stretch. However, she would have to deal with a hard closing Crown Imperial, ridden by Ricardo Santana, Jr. who was gathering a big head of steam. At the end, the John Ortiz trained Crown Imperial was the victor, scoring by 1 ¼ lengths. She paid a whopping $29.46 to the lucky patrons that put $2 win on her and brought home $294,150 to her ‘real life’ owner – 4 G Racing, LLC. But the real winner was the owner of this filly in the Game of Silks – One Eyed Dog Stables. Their reward for the win was a massive 1.8294 ETH!  Congratulations – and to add to that, I am awarding One Eyed Dog Stables my coveted ‘Game of Silks Owner of the Week(s)’

Check out some of the other recent big wins for Silks owners, as I’ve listed below may of the races with a purse of $50,000 or more…

Track / ~ETH
DateRace # Purse WinnerWinning OwnerWon
Wednesday, 9/13/23KD9 $     500,000.00 Crown ImperialOne Eyed Dog Stables1.8294
Thursday, 9/14/23CD5 $     120,000.00 UmeboshiAlpha Dragon Lair0.4241
Thursday, 9/14/23CD6 $     127,000.00 FibberZenyatta0.4484
Friday, 9/15/23CD5 $     120,000.00 Northern FlameLegacy Alpha Racing0.4255
Friday, 9/15/23CD8 $     127,000.00 BaltaCharbo0.4496
Friday, 9/15/23GP6 $        60,000.00 ReminderOcala Racing 0.2529
Saturday, 9/16/23BAQ1 $        90,000.00 Private DesireMrOrange Stables0.3023
Saturday, 9/16/23BAQ10 $        90,000.00 Rosie JeeksHouse of Fred – Top 100.3024
Saturday, 9/16/23CD7 $     300,000.00 V V’s DreamWmougayar Stables1.1211
Saturday, 9/16/23CD9 $     300,000.00 West SaratogaBig SliQ Racing1.1023
Saturday, 9/16/23GP5 $        50,000.00 SquintsSouthwest Stables0.2082
Sunday, 9/17/23BAQ5 $        75,000.00 B D SaintsWinning Stables0.2537
Sunday, 9/17/23CD5 $     120,000.00 Shogun Be FastAlphaRacing0.4243
Sunday, 9/17/23CD7 $     120,000.00 Stretch RideOcala Racing0.427
Sunday, 9/17/23GP5 $        50,000.00 Miss SayelyFreakyFast0.2091
Wednesday, 9/20/23CD9 $        92,000.00 Shimmering AlureAshidroka Stables0.3217
Thursday, 9/21/23BAQ1 $        75,000.00 Mischief JokeCharbo0.2597
Thursday, 9/21/23CD1 $        58,000.00 ScrupulousKevinBee Stables0.2374
Thursday, 9/21/23CD2 $        92,000.00 AstronomicalTrade Your Horses Stable0.2539
Friday, 9/22/23BAQ9 $        90,000.00 Apollo TenOcala Stables0.3106
Friday, 9/22/23GP7 $        60,000.00 Bubbly ChampagneFirst In Second Out Racing0.1508
Saturday, 9/23/23PRX2 $     150,000.00 Notice of ActionChoppers Racing0.5194
Saturday, 9/23/23PRX3 $     150,000.00 Aoife’s MagicAlpha Racing0.5194
Saturday, 9/23/23PRX5 $     100,000.00 Calle AmadaVshakerfarms0.377
Sunday, 9/24/23BAQ8 $     125,000.00 El Grande OSnakeEyes Stable0.4323
Sunday, 9/24/23PIM9 $        54,000.00 Boy Magicdtsh1234 Stables0.2037

Note: Current value of 1 ETH = approximately $1,593.10

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