Fun Facts For The Beginner About Horse Racing

September 9, 2020

When we talk about popular betting events, the one sport that historically has led the competition is horse racing. A favourite with amateur and professional punters, horse racing, attracts millions of fans every year, across the world, through some of the most-watched and thrilling racing meets. Whether it is the money involved, the excitement of the races, or the ambience it creates which is unlike any other sport, horse racing becomes a way of life for those who gravitate towards it.

Betting on horse racing does require knowledge and understanding to be successful. To start with, just like you would opt for online casinos sites that are not on Gamstop as well as some which are on it, you need to have access to the right bookmakers across the board when betting in the UK. In the US they use the pari mutual system through the racetracks or ADW’s. In the UK after making sure they are legal, select the ones that offer you continuous sports coverage and feature as many horse racing events as possible. On the other side, spend some time researching horses and jockeys before placing bets. You can, of course, learn about the vibrant history of the sport by reading some horse racing fun facts:

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Never Mind: The Many Ways to Win and Lose in Horse Racing

It is often said there are a million ways to lose a race bit only one way to win. That is not always true, case in point Never Mind.

Most fans know that speed is of the utmost importance when it comes to horse racing. However, many do not know that the slowest race clocked in lasted for 11 minutes and 28 seconds. In 1945, Never Mind II refused to run mid-race, and its jockey thus left him be in the middle of the track. However, the jockey soon realised that every other horse had been disqualified. So, he returned to Never Mind II and took his own sweet time completing the race for a win.

Birthday Madness

Did you know that all horses born in the northern hemisphere have the same birth date? No, they aren’t actually born on January 1st, but that’s the date noted, irrespective of the month they are born in. The same is true for horses in the southern hemisphere who are all “born” on August 1st. Since the eligibility to enter races depends on age, this is done to keep things a little simpler for both organisers as well as owners who might have multiple horses.

Now this can work to your advantage. In races run during the time of year when older horses may have an advantage, or when younger horses carry less weight it can pay to look up the actual foaling date to get the true age of the runner.

One should also keep in mind at some of the big racing meets that tend to get crowded with fans, many place wagers based on hunches like birthdays and the like. This gives the player who actually does their homework and studies and learns about the horses a distinct advantage. Will it always work out? Of course not but it is usually helpful to have an advantage.

Money: It Makes the World Go Round:

Most people are aware that a lot of money changes hands because of horse racing every year. Unknown to many is that the figures are well over $100 billion. No wonder then that the sport has some of the wealthiest owners and business people taking an interest in. it and it has always been that way. It is nicknamed the Sport of Kings for a reason. The beautiful thing about horse racing is that it breaks all boundaries. While horse racing events are all about style and sophistication, the fact remains that any person, from anywhere, can bet on horses and earn big from them. Everyone has a chance when they enter the racetrack. It is a great equalizer.

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