Free Preakness Webinar focused on ticket structure and better betting with a Q and A session

May 11, 2021

Do you want to be a better bettor? Do you have questions on money management, ticket structure, how to look for or create value, who to use or leave out? How about hedging or using a favorite “defensively?”

There are a lot of opinions and a ton of information out there. How much of it comes from someone who actually beats the game and has beat the game for years? Exactly not much.

Improve your game regardless of what level player you are at. Join us for our free seminar / webinar talking about the Preakness card but more importantly focusing on better betting, ticket structure, handicapping principles, what is important, what’s not, replays and more.

Pick 6 King Jonathan Stettin will host and take all the questions you have. He has won over two million dollars in pick 6’s alone and been one horse or nose away from millions more so he might know a little something. Michael Vale will co host and we may even come up with a guest or two.

The cost is free, the value is priceless. We all heard the old saying about giving someone a fish or teaching them to fish. Learn to fish and eat forever!

Getting a seat at the table is easy and free. Simply enter your email in the comments section below or email it to us directly through the site. The one and the only catch is you have to be a Past the Wire reader, watcher, follower on social media, listener, and subscriber to our free email newsletters. You can subscribe free below if you aren’t already!

We hope to see you there. The zoom call will take place Thursday, May 13th, at 7PM EST. A replay will be sent to anyone who registered and missed it live. If you register you will receive a zoom invite from co host Michael Vale late Thursday afternoon.

Let’s go in attack mode together.

All you folks that didn't get in on the @jonathanstettin webinar are missing out. Amazing stuff here. Time to get hot tomorrow!!

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