First Advance Kentucky Derby Pool Opens Thursday

November 21, 2017

On Thursday Churchill Downs will open its 20th advance Kentucky Derby pool. If so inclined the wager is also offered in Las Vegas at various sports books often with much bigger odds.

Obviously that would involve a trip to Sin City as opposed to the convenience of your local racetrack or ADW. While a fun wager, especially where bragging rights are concerned, it isn’t and has never been the most savvy bet on the books. So much can change, so little is known, and there is often ample value when we know who is actually in the gate and where. Start the odds in the 75-1 neighborhood and you might get my attention with this type of bet.

That said, if you want the bragging rights, and possibly better odds than post time if your horse makes it to the gate, by all means check out the Kentucky Derby Pool. It is definitely fun. Here are the opening odds and my preliminary subject to many revision thoughts:

1. Avery Island (Maybe) K. McLaughlin 30-1
2. Bolt d’Oro (Not for me) M. Ruis 10-1
3. Copper Bullet (Nope) S.Asmussen 30-1
4. Dak Attack (Hmmmm) D.Romans 30-1
5. Engage (Nah…..) C.Brown 20-1
6. Enticed (Nope) K.McLaughlin 30-1
7. Firenze Fire (Nope) J.Servis 20-1
8. Free Drop Billy (Maybe) D.Romans 20-1
9. Givemeaminit (Probably not) D.Stewart 50-1
10. Good Magic (Maybe, definite maybe) C.Brown 8-1
11. Gotta Go ( Possible) I.Wilkes 30-1
12. Lone Sailor (Outside shot) T.Amoss 50-1
13. Mask1 (Hmmmm) C.Brown 30-1
14. McKinzie (Bob always dangerous) B.Baffert 20-1
15. Mendelssohn (Intriguing)  A.O’Brien 30-1
16. Montauk (Not for me) T.Pletcher 20-1
17. Principe Guilherme (Good question) S.Asmussen 20-1
18. Quip, R.Brisset (…….nah) R.Brisset 30-1
19. Solomini (Live one) B.Baffert 15-1
20. Sporting Chance (Pass) W.Lukas 20-1
21. Talent Scout (Bob again) B.Baffert 30-1
22. Tiz Mischief (Maybe) D.Romans 50-1
23. Untamed Domain (Interesting….but iffy) G.Motion 20-1
24. Mutuel field (7-5 OUCH!) ( Obvious maybe!!!!!!) 7-5

There is also a sire pool for those interested. I will leave that one alone.

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