EquineCRM: A Software Program Designed With The Equine Business In Mind

July 13, 2020

Vincent Graffeo- Founder Of EquineCRM

Customer Relations Management Software For The Equine Industry

In the world of customer relations management software (CRM) not all are created equal. In fact after the demo I received from the founder of EquineCRM, Vincent Graffeo, I was left wondering how could any equine operation survive without it?

I sat down with Vincent Graffeo the other day as he was gracious enough to give me a tour of Equine360’s latest creation, EquineCRM. I have seen several programs in the industry that allow you a way to keep financial track of your operation and send invoices. Truthfully I haven’t seen a program that goes beyond financials, that is until I took a look at EquineCRM. I decided to take the program for a test drive and see what it was all about.

Describing EquineCRM as a one size fits all program is putting it mildly, it’s like having a fully loaded automobile with all the bells and whistles only this one drives your business to the next level. Graffeo’s program could literally be used by anyone that works in the equine industry; owners, trainers and bloodstock agents and many others. Let’s take a deeper look at EquineCRM shall we?

Horse Management At Your Fingertips

Large portions of the business side of racing requires you to have your head on a swivel managing several tasks at once. Imagine a program that actually simplifies this for you. EquineCRM allows you to schedule vets, medical treatments, training, workouts and much more. With EquineCRM you could actually schedule tasks that need to be done and have it all communicated through the program to your employees.

Are you an owner of a syndicate that has several partners? Each month your having to sit down and calculate out all the percentages of expenses and earnings of each partner, hand write checks and all the messy paperwork. You can actually input each partner, or vendor you do business with into the EquineCRM and apply percentages. At the end of the month or your billing period, the CRM will calculate various expenses and earnings according to each percentage that is affixed to each individual. You can also input the preference of payment each client has into the CRM that enables you to pay everything at the click of a button.

Let’s say your a trainer and you have multiple workouts going on today in various locations. For instance if you’re a California trainer you may have horses working out at Santa Anita, San Luis Rey, Los Alamitos, or Del Mar on the same day. You could pre schedule the workouts into the EquineCRM and your employees would get a list of instructions sent through the CRM to their mobile devices. You could schedule farrier services, types of therapeutic treatments each specific horse requires. Automation seems to be a key ingredient in the EquineCRM software.

Bloodstock agents can download sales catalogues into the EquineCRM and also manage all of their billing and expenses per client through the program as well. With the CRM it’s never been easier to track all of your deals, buying and selling while being able to print bills of sale on the spot at the click of a button.

Note if you have foreign clientele or non-English speaking employees not to worry, EquineCRM has a user interface that can communicate in 26 different languages. Manage all of your marketing, vendors, quotes, leads and sales through the CRM as well as integrate your website and social media accounts. You can literally post to social media through the program as well as e mail.

While the majority of billing programs out there satisfy the financial aspect of the business, this program takes it several steps further as if it’s a one stop shop, that folds in marketing, client outreach, daily work-flow schedules for employees. Even Breeding operations could benefit from this program as you could schedule breeding’s and manage clients, send invoices,track expenses, collect payments and analyze your finances. Not to mention this is all at the touch of a few buttons as it manages your entire business.

EquineCRM solves several problems in the horse industry, not only does it make your business function more productively, it makes it run efficiently and in the long run makes you more profitable. The built-in feature of being able to create reports and analytics will help you focus on what really matters most, maximizing your time to devote more of it to your clients and equine athletes.

Lastly, Equine360 offers an on-boarding program where they customize the EquineCRM application and workflows to meet each client’s specific requirements to ensure they maximize the product to its fullest potential. Be sure to schedule a call and a demo with the folks at EquineCRM so they can show you how to make your operation more efficient.

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