Chantal and Corey

May 11, 2021

Is it more important how fast a horse is going or how a horse is going fast?

You won’t meet two cooler people or jockeys to talk horses with that Chantal Southerland and Corey Lanerie. Chantal was gracious to join us for this week’s episode of Past the Wire TV and Corey popped in and we were able to convince him to stay.

The four of us enjoyed a talk about racing, race riding, jockey fitness, and some of the toughness it takes to be a rider. Chantal and Corey were transparent on the competitiveness in the jockey’s room.

Learn how riders judge pace and how they know when they are sitting on a Porsche, Maserati, Ferrari, or Tpyota or Volkswagon, or an older chevy Vega before they even get to the starting gate.

We talk the new crop rules and how they affect riders, safety, owners, trainers, and bettors. Is it more important how fast a horse is going or how a horse is going fast? Is it fair for couples married or otherwise to have to be an entry and what do Paco Lopez and Chantal yell at each other during a race?

Towards the end we were treated with the most special guest of all, and it will all of your pleasure to meet her. She stole the show with a smile.

This was just a great show, with some great racing people. It is just a bonus we can learn so much from it and them.

Sit back and enjoy the show, you can watch or listen:

@jonathanstettin Wonderful article! You’re a great ambassador for the game! We’ve been spoiled with elite equine athletes in recent memory.

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