Breeders’ Cup Win And You’re In, Bran, Red Knight and does Kentucky Downs get a horse more fit than a traditional US turf course

September 12, 2022

Another Breeders’ Cup Win And You’re In episode of Unfiltered on Past The Wire TV brought to you by Tropical Racing!

This episode is more than just a Win And You’re In talk about Red Knight and Bran. Yes our hosts Michael Wilson and Jonathan Stettin share their expertise on these two runners who earned Breeders’ Cup berths at Kentucky Downs, but they also discuss Gufo and the Euro style of Kentucky Downs. Does racing over Kentucky Downs get a horse more fit than a traditional US style turf course? What are the differences and are these types of courses contributory to the success European horses have when they race here?

This is a deep knowledge episode that has a good deal of takeaways including why sometimes it is harder to go down than up. You won’t find out what happened when we rang Jack Nicholson’s doorbell, well at least not on this episode. You will find out a lot more though even some horses to watch for at The Keeneland Sale where we were live from!

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Photo: Coady Photography, Bran and Victor Cheminaud

Videography: Jim Gazzale

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Bran and Red Knight, they won and they’re in, Kentucky Downs and a lot more:

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