Winning Ponies- Handicapping Review

October 11, 2019

I have tried several handicapping software and “programs” in my day trying to find out if any of them were better than my own skills at betting the sport of kings. Winning Ponies is a website that sells selections. When your getting each race card in front of you each horse in the race is graded based upon their handicapping the chances of which each one would win. Winning Ponies gives you ranked selections and they state they do “all” the legwork for you. Winning Ponies also state that they provide you with substantial resources on how to play their picks.

I can tell you I have used this service before and I was more confused than anything but that’s another story. They say they don’t like to tell people exactly what to bet because everyone’s preferences are different. While wining Ponies gives you the freedom to bet whomever you want sometimes that leaves the door wide open. If you covered a lot of bases and your an all player this is the site for you. Winning ponies appears to not want to be on the hook for giving explicit betting instructions so it makes it hard to criticize them for losing. That is a genius move from a marketing standpoint.

They have a section on the page that says Big ‘Uns, where they showcase these massive hits on all types of exotics. In my opinion that’s not very fair because in reality your taking credit for NOT telling people exactly what to play, yet your showing them how your selections hit these bets? Winning Ponies site looks appealing enough and I am sure they get customers and all but it’s a hard pass for me. You can’t use “we don’t like to tell people what to play” yet take credit for whopping huge scores.

I would say this is a decent site for people just starting out handicapping to help them find contenders in races. For the serious players meh not so much.

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