Why You Should Consider Betting on Horse Racing Than on Other Sports

November 23, 2021

Betting on horse races is not just suspenseful entertainment. It’s gaming at its best. You get to spend all afternoon, for example, watching and betting on beautiful animals competing at their peak ability.

The Thoroughbred horses, the intense competition, and the thrill of placing a stake are just a few reasons why sports fans are so eager to bet on horse racing than on other sports.

Read on to understand why horse race betting is worthy of your time, effort, and money.

Top Reasons to Bet on Horse Races


Horse racing is a sport that gives people a rush. The betting itself offers both fans and bettors an exciting way to get into the action.

Horse races create an atmosphere for clean fun. The venues are packed with high-energy action from the viewing decks of all races.

What makes horse racing even more remarkable is that each event has a tradition.

 For instance, the Kentucky Derby is rich in unique traditions. It’s the longest-running sports event in America that began in 1872. When you bet on the Derby, you also participate in celebrating the southern culture.

Donning a beautiful hat, sipping a mint julep, and joining fellow horse race fans in singing “My Old Kentucky Home” are a few reasons why the Kentucky Derby is more than just a sporting event.

Entertainment Value 

The unpredictability of horse racing leads to added entertainment value. The excitement you get when you see your preferred underdog horse leading the pack while you’re cheering it on makes betting on horses even more entertaining.

Manageable Risks

When you place bets on horses, you get the chance to research and find more insights about your preferred horse.

You can find valuable information about a particular horse’s breed and its level of training. Try a quick Google search, and you’ll even find something about the skill set of the jockey.

When you access all these pieces of information, you’ll have more informative predictions on which Thoroughbred has a better chance of winning. 

Big Winnings

The winnings in horse races are typically impressive. Being a popular sporting event implies that many people are aware of it. Also, it means that it has more stakes than other regular sports.

However, make sure that the sportsbook you choose to place your bet has high regard for sensitive data privacy.

The sportsbook must have an identity verification feature so that your info is safe and secure. Another system to look for is the use of secure data encryption. 

More importantly, ensure that the sportsbook has a license to operate and advocates responsible gambling.

Betting on horses can give you large payouts. However, sports betting can also be addicting when not managed. Thus, it would be best to look for a sportsbook that promotes responsible gambling to help you stay in control of your spending.

Several Betting Options

Another edge that horse racing gives bettors is that they can bet on multiple outcomes of the game.

Generally, the betting options open to sports gamblers are either a win or a loss. In horse racing, however, novice and pro bettors can put their stakes on several other outcomes to increase their chances of winning.

Here are the most common betting options in horse racing:

Win Bet: It involves betting on a particular horse to win. If the horse you back finishes first in the race, you win your stake.

Place Bet: Your preferred horse should finish first or second place for you to win your bet.

Show Bet: This bet is similar to place bets, except it also includes the third placer.

Exacta: It’s a type of bet where you predict the first two finishers in the exact order.

Trifecta: It’s a type of bet where you predict the top three finishers in the correct order.

Superfecta: It’s a type of bet where you predict the top four finishers in the correct order.

Quinella:  To place a quinella stake, you need to predict the top two finishers of a particular race. However, with this type of betting option, the order doesn’t matter.

Once you understand which bets you can place, you can wager more confidently.

Track Betting

In horse racing, you have the chance to place your live bets at the tracks right before the race starts. Still, spectators can place their stakes online and then change them based on the new information on the racetrack.

In some cases, bettors place multiple online and offline stakes to increase their chances of winning big. 


Betting on horses is fun, especially when you’re winning. It’s full of traditions, and unlike any other sport, horse racing provides bettors plenty of options.

These are several reasons why you should consider betting on horses. Since horse races are entertaining, staking in horse racing may become one of your hobbies.

However, if this hobby goes from a harmless diversion to an unhealthy obsession, make sure to set some boundaries to avoid gambling problems and call 1-800-GAMBLER to get help.  

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