What’s Ocala Weather Like For A Thoroughbred Mecca?

October 31, 2019

Ocala weather, there’s only two seasons, the rainy season and the dry season. The rainy season begins in the end of May and lasts all the way until Oct. The dry season begins in the middle of Oct and lasts until late May. During the rainy season there is a lot of humidity, the dry season is just that, dry and seemingly comfortable until the humidity kicks in.

Many people would agree that the wintertime in Ocala is the most pleasant of all. If your a horse owner you can’t knock the Ocala weather as it remains in the 70s and it is really pleasant especially for equines. The wintertime centers around several cold fronts that come in from the northeast. The cold front bring in the cooler weather but this is only temporary. When a cold front leaves Ocala they will have a few days ranging between the 50’s and the mid to upper 60’s then things will eventually warm back up that is until the next cold front arrives. Once in a while you will see that Ocala weather can get a mild frost various times each winter as these cold fronts come and go from time to time.

The summers in Ocala are extremely humidity. The heat is very constant heat and when the humidity is added in it just makes in oppressive. Lots of air conditioning in all locations constantly running to escape the hot and humid climate of Ocala weather in the Summer. If you live there for a while just like any place you will get used to the heat. It can take up to a year before your blood thins out then you will get used to it. It’s home to many horse and stallion farms and seems like a good place to set up a breeding operation as many others have.

Ocala weather makes it conducive to hosting over 600 thoroughbred horse farms and is one of only 4 of the largest such epicenters for horses. They must be doing something right down there. Do they have the Ocala weather to thank for having produced 45 national champions, 6 Kentucky Derby winners and 20 Breeders Cup winners? If your ever in Ocala make sure to go out on a guided horse tour. Obviously the best time to go is during the cooler months due to the Ocala Weather. It’s Safe to say that the Ocala weather takes some getting used to, but it sure does sound like a really neat place.

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