Top 5 Football Players Who Lost Big Money While Gambling

December 12, 2022

It should be no surprise that many football professionals like gambling on gambling sites with benefits at real money casinos, as most of us occasionally put bets. Some of the biggest and most well-known gamers love nothing more than a wager on the result of a horse race, game, or even a roulette wheel spin, whether they are staying in conventional or contemporary venues.

The most well-known footballers who wager are listed here. We’re confident that after reading the list of renowned footballers who enjoy playing games at the best payout casino, and more, you’ll be excited to learn more about the top five players that share your love.

  • Gianluigi Buffon;
  • Tony Adams;
  • Rooney, Wayne;
  • David Bentley;
  • Carroll, Roy.

Gianluigi Buffon

Even the best Italian players are subject to several negative perceptions, and multiple match-fixing incidents have negatively impacted the country’s reputation. Sports gambling is so prevalent in Italy that celebrities like Gianluigi Buffon, a goalie for Juventus, are affected by the passion. Before the 2006 World Cup again in 2012, when it was claimed that bets worth €1.5 million had been placed, the goalie was twice accused of engaging in illicit casino gambling. Buffon was ultimately found not guilty, but he never concealed his love of betting and even briefly worked as a PokerStars ambassador.

You may always read reviews to locate the top online slots where you can place bets and win big. Incidentally, top bookmakers had launched the wagering line to forecast the surviving legend’s next move in 2019, when he was a vet of 41. One of them has released quotes to support the relocation of the Italian gate guard gambler. They believed that moving from Paris Saint-Germain to Parma, where Buffon started his illustrious career, was the most likely choice. Given that this was a reasonable estimate, whoever put a slip with a chance of 2.50 stood to win a lot of money.

Tony Adams

Without Tony Adams, it was difficult to envisage the London Arsenal of the second part of the 1980s and the entire 1990s. One of the Gunners’ defensive foundations was the lanky British man. However, Adams is known from a different perspective outside of the field. Adams, who was an alcoholic, was even imprisoned for drunk driving.

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal’s new head coach, did all in his power to assist his centre-back in ending his addiction. Adams also liked to gamble, albeit he was not a skilled poker player. The football player lost a lot of money after making large bets on sports, at the roulette table, and in poker.

The casino bookies took a sizable portion of his income. After he finished his career, Tony Adams founded a centre for alcohol and gambling addicts. According to him, 70% of athletes receive treatment at his facility specifically for gambling addiction, whereas players in lower categories traditionally drown their stress in a glass. Adams encourages his clinic’s clients to control their demons since he has firsthand experience with the desire for sports and casino games.

Rooney, Wayne

Along with being well-liked, they also command reasonable prices. Thus, Wayne Rooney lost 65,000 pounds playing poker in just two hours in 2008, as is well known to all fans. Then, after a late-night flight from Minsk to Manchester with the England national team, he went to the venue right next door while his wife was away. Rooney also placed maximum bets at the blackjack table, although he nearly always lost.

Nevertheless, he gracefully accepted each loss, and at the conclusion, he proceeded to play casino roulette. He was unfortunate, though; by the time the event closed, the Manchester United player had shed an incredible 65,000 pounds.

According to this perspective, Rooney lost his income in a matter of days but also cemented his position as one of the top 5 football players and avid gamblers who like making real money bets on card games. By the way, Sir Alex Fergusson, the club’s erstwhile mentor, entirely ignores the interests of his own English Diego Maradona. He only intervened a few times, telling security to prevent young football players under 18 from entering the institution since he solely worries about the legal aspects of this activity. As Rooney did, reading reviews of a trustworthy online casino will improve your gaming experience.

David Bentley

English-born David Bentley began his career with Arsenal, then played for some British clubs and even completed a year in the Russian Premier League, appearing in 12/13 games for Rostov. He said he placed his first wager at the tender age of 14 and enjoyed gambling as much as he loved his sport. He was passionate about both.

As his football career took off, he utilised his expanding money to wager on poker, horse races, and casino games like Blackjack and Baccarat. He eventually developed an addiction to professional gambling, but with the help of his devoted fiancée, he overcame it and competed on the European Poker Tour.

Carroll, Roy

He went from Wigan to Manchester United in 2001 and tried to win them over. However, Carroll felt a little adrift when Fabien Barthez, a flamboyant rival, entered the scene. Maybe here is where he developed a love for gambling. Carroll played a lot of poker to become a well-known player in Europe, but he also lost a lot.

He came to West Ham after numerous years of serving as the Mancunians’ perpetual stunt double. He continued to play there while reportedly drinking a lot – something that football players evidently like. The unfortunate goalkeeper’s favourite diversions were the lottery, casino sportsbooks, and horse racing.

Although Roy disputes this, he once lost £30,000 to a teammate on a club bus. Carroll established himself with less prestigious teams after failing to take over as the Hammers’ primary goalkeeper.

Other football players who also lost money include:

  • Matthew Etherington;
  • Kyle Lafferty;
  • Joey Barton;
  • Paul Merson;
  • Andros Townsend;
  • Dietmar Hamann.


Famous football players frequently gamble at the best online casino venues. Unfortunately, we frequently discuss rampant addiction and the often-unpleasant effects of people’s habits. Why does casino gambling physically take control of great footballers? First, they frequently face stressful circumstances in athletics, which leaves them wanting to recover in another field. Athletes can also be identified by their high vigour, love of competition, and drive for success.

Undoubtedly, celebrities and elite athletes like having a good time in various venues. This is not unexpected considering that the sense of competition, which gives rise to a host of fresh feelings and energises with new energy, lies at the heart of every sport. The top footballers like playing online games because of this.

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