Thoro-Graph, The Edge Every Handicapper Needs

October 14, 2019

With all the information handicappers have at their disposal today, one needs to be selective in what they use and rely on. There are many speed figures available. Most are raw data speed figures which are based solely on the final time of a race. They don’t provide much more insight that the clock and a review of the days charts. Thorograph is different. 

Thorograph is a speed figure which encompasses additional factors. While the final time is calculated how the horse got there is also factored. This is crucial information if we want an accurate portrayal of how fast a horse did or did not run in a race. 

A major component of a Thorograph figure is ground loss. If a horse running in the outside losing ground runs the same time as a horse saving ground on the rail who actually ran faster? The horse losing ground obviously and that would be reflected in their Thorograph figures.The outside horse would have a lower or faster figure on Thorograph but most if not all raw speed figures would have them at the same number. That can be deceiving to a horse player relying on raw data numbers to identify true contenders. 

Simply looking for the fastest or lowest Thorograph number is just the beginning. The real work comes when you begin analyzing the patterns. Horses develop patterns unique to them, and additionally some patterns or trends seem to prove repetitive from one horse to another. Mastering Thorograph and understanding these patterns can open new doors to your game. It takes some work, and experience, but the time can be well worth the reward. 
Most handicappers use Thorograph or whichever speed figures they utilize to try and find the fastest horse. More astute players add another angle to their benefit.Thorograph can help you find horses simply to slow to beat the competition they are facing. These are horses you can often eliminate from the top one or two spots in a race and from your multi race wagers

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