The Ins and Outs of Exacta Betting in Horse Racing

February 22, 2023

If you’re a fan of horse racing and are looking to add some extra excitement to the experience and want to earn more rewards from your bets, then exacta betting is the perfect thing for you! Exacta betting allows you to predict which two horses will finish first and second in a race, offering much higher payouts than other wagers.

However, it can be challenging trying to decide which combinations of horses have the most potential payoff. That’s why we’ve put together this complete guide about what an exacta bet is, how it works, and the strategies you’ll need for successful exacta betting on the track. Read on to get insider tips from seasoned racers on how they pick their combos.

What Is Exacta Betting In Horse Racing, And How Does It Work

Exacta betting in horse racing is a fun and exciting way to wager on the sport! It works by selecting the two horses that are most likely to finish in first and second places during a race.

Bettors then place their wagers on which horses they think will finish 1st and 2nd, respectively, with the payout being determined by how accurate the bettor was with their prediction.

While exacta betting does require more finesse than a simple bet on one horse, it can yield bigger potential payouts for those who get lucky – and know their stuff about each of the competitors! To sweeten up the deal even more, some online bookmakers allow for “box” exacta bets, where your chosen combination of two can come in either order – thus increasing the chances of a win!

The Benefits Of Exacta Betting Over Other Forms Of Horse Race Betting

Horse racing is a thrilling sport with many forms of betting to match. However, exacta betting stands out among all the other horse bet types because it allows bettors to hedge their risks in a very strategic way. Exacta wagers offer some of the best bang for your buck. It’s more cost-effective than other horse race betting options, as a bettor only needs to select the top two horses in any given race.

Additionally, Exacta rewards are greater compared to win or place bets. By correctly selecting which two horses come in first and second in order, you can receive bigger payouts when compared to win or place betting strategies! It may require a bit more skill and strategy, but Exacta betting can be incredibly rewarding for those who take the time to study and understand the nuances of this versatile form of race betting.

How To Make An Exacta Bet At The Racetrack

Placing an exacta bet at the racetrack is one of the most thrilling tasks! So, how do you make this profitable move? First, select two horses that you think can win the race. However, there’s a catch – one of these horses has to finish first, and the other should come in second. Sounds simple enough, right?

Next, place an exacta bet ticket with your chosen horses at the window and pick up a program card with their names on it. Finally, head to the track and watch your horses battle it out in a fast-paced race to determine if you have won. Within moments, you could be ringing in a payout that would make any horse enthusiast smile!

Some Tips For Increasing Your Chances Of Winning When Placing An Exacta Bet

To increase your chances of winning, start by studying individual horses and their previous performances, as well as researching the pedigree of particular runners. Keep track of performance changes due to weather, track conditions, and jockey pair-ups that could add a nice edge to your bets. Also, when you come across favorable odds, lock them in quickly!

If you can read a racing form, look for clues that two horses have particularly good chemistry together and make them part of your exacta bet. Sometimes there are horses with lower odds but who could still come close to first place – consider betting on them as well. It’s not necessarily a negative sign if most bettors aren’t backing certain horses on the board – it may just mean they haven’t caught onto your genius yet! With a little luck and the right information, you can become an exacta master in no time. Good luck!

The Types Of Odds You Can Expect When Betting On The Exacta

Betting on the exacta can be a real thrill as you try to accurately guess the first two finishers in a race! While predicting the outcome of any given race is no easy feat, you can use various types of odds to influence your decision. From picks like “default,” where the higher-priced horses from the race are chosen to so-called Boxed Exactas, which allow all possible outcomes with multiple combinations, or Straight Forecasts, where exact order is essential – there’s an exciting range of options if you want to get creative and give yourself an extra edge when betting on the exacta.

Favorites usually have low odds, often below 5/1 or 6/1; however, outsiders can have higher figures, sometimes in even double digits. Although these longer shots come with a riskier investment, they are also more likely to pay off with fixed-odds gambling – those horses may not always place, but their odds remain constant regardless of their performance.


Exacta betting is a fun and unique way to bet on horse races that can be very lucrative if done correctly. If you’re looking for an edge over the other bettors at the racetrack, then exacta betting might be right for you. With a little bit of practice and knowledge, you can quickly become an expert in this form of horse race betting.

While it can be tricky to nail down the perfect combination, doing your research and following some simple tips can help you increase your chances of success. So next time you’re at the track, don’t be afraid to give exacta betting a try!

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