The Best Female Jockeys in the World

November 15, 2020

With all the headlines that spark femme power and female empowerment, we thought we would also take lead and present some of the greatest jockeys that are in fact also women. Women can be excellent and excel in sports too, so here is us highlighting exactly that!

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Rosemary Homeister 

Rosemary is the first woman who won an award to symbolise her amazing contribution as an apprentice to being a jockey. This was in 1992. Then in 2000 and 2002, she was recognised for being the best female rider of her time. In 2438 races, she managed to get into the top three if not first from many of them. She is the second most accomplished rider, coming after Krone with 3704 races in total. The highlight of Rosemary’s career is the fact that she was the fifth woman ever to ride at the Kentucky Derby, within 2003. Although Homeister has had a child and not made a comeback to the sport, many believe that she will make a return, since she has not verbally ruled the idea out altogether.

Bev Buckingham 

Bev was born and bred Australian, born in 1967, in the land down under, she was the first jockey ever to win 1000 horse races from Australia, or anyone from the Southern Hemisphere in fact. During the year 1984, she also was the first ever woman to successfully ride in the Caulfield cup, one of the most prestigious cups in Australia-coming in after the Melbourne Cup. Unfortunately, something that really put a stop to her career, when she was very much in her peak, was the fall that made her break her neck and become handicapped in 1998. Although she regained her ability to walk, she was not able to come back and compete.

Clare Lindop 

Lindop made history for being the first female who rode within the Melbourne Cup. In 2003, she made all women around the world proud, for being the first Australian with the privilege of partaking in one of the biggest races of the world. In 2008, she took her name further around the world by winning the Victoria Derby, another prestigious race within Australia. In the past decade alone, she hit her 1000-race mark, alongside riding and winning four Group 1 events that have taken place. She definitely is an exceptional example of the femme power existing in the horse-racing world, leaving many of us in awe!

Julie Krone

Julie Krone was the first ever female jockey to successfully conquer the American Triple Crown races, taking the win under her belt very proudly. In addition to this, she also managed to secure the first ever female win at the Breeders’ Cup, another highly prestigious series within Keeneland. It was all these great records that had been made for the first time by herself, that made her take a permanent position within the Hall of Fame.

Hayley Turner 

Hayley Turner is one of top English and European female jockeys to have ever ridden. She actually is the one to watch out for as every race she has competed in, shows execution of the highest level. The Group 1 race win was the biggest start of her career. She also managed to partner with Dream Ahead in the cup event proceeding forward from there, which is another highlight of her career. Unfortunately, currently, she is taking a time out from the sport, due to dislocating her collarbone from an injury sustained at Kempton.

Photo The Jockey Club UK

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