Simple Tips to Buy a Horse for Racing, Sport or Pleasure

April 15, 2021

Horse racing is loved worldwide. Even people who don’t enjoy sports, sometimes place bets on such events via Moreover, others get so excited that they decide to try equestrian sports themselves. In this case, they have to buy a horse first. 

Buying a horse is not an easy task, especially for racing. When buying a horse you must take into account the characteristics of the future owner (man, woman, child), his age, build, disposition, temperament. If racing is the goal, a bloodstock agent or professional can be a tremendous help. You may even consider a partnership and there are several. If pleasure and simple enjoyment are the goals, you may want to do a lot by yourself. 

Here are some things to consider. 


After determining the purpose of buying a horse, you need to think about the gender of the animal. In order not to make a wrong choice, you need to remember that stallions are more willful, strong and bully among themselves. Besides, they constantly show interest in mares. Mares, on the other hand, can be capricious.

In terms of calmness and least hassle, geldings (neutered stallions) are the best choice. They are mostly balanced in any environment (challenging ones are much less common among them).


When going to buy a horse, you need to decide on the age of the horse. Young horses (2-5 years old) are more frivolous and not enough dressage because in skillful hands they can pass the school of dressage by 7-9 years old (horses of inexperienced amateurs sometimes forget even the movements that are inherent).

On the other hand, when buying a horse of age you must remember that they do not live long, up to 30 years (the record of longevity was set by Old Bill 1760 from England, who lived 62 years). But if you’re not going to set new records in equestrian sports or other areas, the animal’s years aren’t that important, as even venerable horses can carry a manageable load. Horses are usually used up to 18-20 years old in sports, and up to 24-25 years old in breeding work.

Inspecting a Horse Before Buying

Before you buy a horse, do a thorough inspection of the horse. It is necessary to evaluate its exterior, i.e. its external shape and physique. Since it is not always possible to see the features of the animal in detail indoors, it is advisable to examine the horse in an open flat area.

You can get a first impression of the horse without examining it thoroughly. If a horse has a cheerful and interesting look, jerks vigorously, moves easily and gracefully, has a muscular build, correct leg position, pronounced tendons, if hooves are neat, wool is shining in the sun, there are no scars, abrasions and traumas, such an animal is very desirable to buy.

If the horse is languid and indifferent, the ribs or spine stick out strongly, the neck is thin, the coat is dull, the hooves are neglected, there are scuffed tails, white specks (or spots) on the withers, back and legs, you should think if you should buy the animal which was not taken care of by the previous owner. If the horse limps, stumbles, twitches or twitches when moving, has a runny eye or is blind, it is better to refrain from buying such an animal, as there are diseases or serious defects.

If the initial cursory examination does not reveal any serious defects or flaws in the exterior of the horse, continue to examine the horse and walk it to make sure it is not limping or swaying sideways.

It is never a bad idea, and always recommended to have a equine veterinarian inspect or vet the horse as they say.

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