Saratoga Weather: What to expect when your at the Track

October 18, 2019

Saratoga weather is something that during the summertime when your at the track that can change at any moment. Growing up near Saratoga I never could quite remember a time when it rained so much as at had the last few years. I haven’t been to Saratoga since 2008 when I last visited family. The day I was there I can remember feeling very heat oppressed with the air being so thick you could cut it with a knife.

The Saratoga Weather of the last few years during racing season has been very up and down in terms of precipitation. It literally seems like the Seattle of the Northeast. In 2018 in particular it was down right dreadful. Many races schedule to be on the turf course were put on dirt causing a lot of horses to scratch. Not only was this an issue for trainers not being able to run their turf horses as much as they would of wanted to, it also caused issues for bettors.

Due to the Saratoga weather in 2018 the scratches from these turf races caused issues with multi race wagers, if someone had previously bet a pick 3, 4, 5 or 6 and your horse was scratched out of the race, you would get the post time favorite even if you didn’t want it you were stuck. Seemingly what was happening is that the races weren’t called off the turf soon enough for bettors. You could have chosen a different route had the races been called off earlier by either not playing the wager altogether. You would of had time to adjust for being on a sloppy off track as opposed to believing the race would still have remained on turf.

The average precipitation based on says that there is 44 inches of rain a year as opposed to a national average of 38 inches. I did some further digging on what the Saratoga weather is like during the summer year over year. The 2017 rain total for months between July through September showed approximately 8 inches of rain, however in 2018 during those same months we say a spike up to 17.5 inches of rain. The rain in 2019 saw 11 inches during July through September. The Saratoga weather in 2019 wasn’t as bad as 2018 however something to notice is the uptick in precipitation during these months is seemingly worse that the other months of the year on average. IF your spending a day at the rack one thing I would suggest is bringing to light to pack rain gear. The weather is Saratoga has the ability to change at a moments notice.

@jonathanstettin I for one can still actually feel the pall cast over the crowd and game that day. It was palpable. Kudos 2/2

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