Race Horses: All You Need to Know

January 17, 2022

Horse racing is an exciting world for all horse lovers. But did you know there are certain qualities a horse should have before it can be used for racing?

Alongside the sports, horse race betting has continued to grow. A guide to horse racing will help you make the best decisions regarding horse race betting.

If you’re interested in horse races, here’s everything you need to know:

What Is Horse Race Betting?

Horse racing is over 2,500 years old and involves direct competition between horses. Horse races are speed tests between two or more horses where the one that arrives first is crowned the winner.

When it comes to horse race betting, the bettor’s job is to know which horse will be the first to cross the finish line.

There are many varieties and types of horse racing. For example, you can find jogging races, hurdles, among others. You can choose the type of terrain and the dynamics you consider most appropriate to place your bets according to your tastes.

The most important thing is to know the characteristics of the horses participating in the event in advance.

Get to Know the Horses to Make a Good Bet

The exciting thing about horse bets is that they include an extra element that other disciplines don’t have. Horses are part of the game, and they have defined characteristics that you should know.  The better you know the equine details, the more opportunities you’ll have to make a profit with your bet.

That is why part of your job as a gambler will include studying the antecedents of the horseplayers, their characteristics, their previous results, and more. You don’t leave everything to probability.

Betting on International Horse Racing

If you want to increase your opportunities and the local market is small for you, why not extend your possibilities to the world of international horse racing? There’s a whole universe of horse racing bets beyond your country’s borders, where the bets’ payouts are exciting and attractive.

Regardless of the international event, it’d be best to study the characteristics of the race and the players. You can find a race at any time and on any day.

Therefore, if the horse racing sporting events are over in your country of origin, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t being played in another part of the world. Take advantage of being connected and placing your bet even if you’re miles away.

Extra Factors That Will Help You Place Your Bet

Although it’s necessary to know the details of the horse, you need more than that to have a good chance of winning. There are other pieces of information that you must take into account when placing your bet.

Knowing the rider’s data, his horse, and the field of play is essential. The type of sports equipment the jockey in question will use or normally uses during racing, and the field where the race will occur are all important details.

Bet Big To Win Big

If you want to win big, you have to bet big. This type of sport allows you to do a preliminary investigation that will likely lead to a winning result. Use this advantage, and do not cut yourself when entering your stake.

So, the rule of the value of bets and probabilities makes sense in this context. It’s advisable to study this rule when calculating how much to bet and know the exact value you shouldn’t bet. This type of betting combines intellect, calculations, and correct investment of the money bet.

How Do You Know Which Horse To Bet On?

The first and most apparent thing is eliminating all losers or horses in the furthest positions. Then, you divide the rest into groups to facilitate the analysis. So, you’ll have groups of leading, middle, and queued horses.

The leading horses are those that, according to the analysis, have the best chance of winning the race. The located or middle horses have a good performance, but that’s always between the third and fourth position. Horses in the last group are those with little chance of being in the top five at the winner’s table.

Main Qualities of a Racehorse

For a racehorse to be profitable, it must possess some essential qualities, such as optimal physical condition and competitive character, in addition to being fast.

Thoroughbreds must meet specific physical standards, a quality that some breeds have more than others. It’s also essential to highlight the breeding because racehorses aren’t all bred and trained for the same type of race.

Below are the main qualities that a racehorse should have:


A thoroughbred has a height that ranges between 1.55 and 1.80 meters. However, horses 1.67 meters and above are commonly used as a racehorse.

However, there have been exceptions. To mention, horses averaging 1.55 meters have been champion horses.

Physical Specifications

The neck should be muscular and long. Also, the back should be muscular, deep, straight, and strong. Preferably, the limbs should be elongated and very strong.

Of course, these characteristics will also depend on the type of race: if the race is short, the ideal is a more muscular horse, and if the route is longer, the option is a giant horse with long legs.

Coat Color

Although the coat color isn’t an indispensable feature, it’s a characteristic of the type of horse. In general, thoroughbreds have brown hair, although they also have a reddish color. They also tend to have white spots on the face and the legs.

For the rest, it’s not usual for these equines to have white colors in other parts of the body.


In general, racehorses tend to be susceptible and loyal animals with a special connection with their owners. They are also very docile and intelligent animals, capable of following specific types of instructions.


Some racehorses have managed to reach up to 77 kilometers per hour. Again, a horse’s speed will all depend on the type of race and horse in question.

First Step In Horse Racing

When you start betting online on horse racing, the best practice is to bet on the winner (leader). This means that, necessarily, the horse you choose must be in the first place of the classification table. This way, the payout depends on the winning position you choose. Let’s look at an example.

If you have chosen a horse that comes first, then your bet payout will be much higher than if you had chosen a horse that comes in intermediate positions.

Excellent Opportunity To Earn Money

Online horse betting brings the universe of horses to your door but expands the possibilities of winning money. With some practice, you’ll see how to have information instantly, participate in international tournaments, and enjoy different forms of payment that will facilitate your bets.

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