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October 12, 2019

Predictem offer free wagering selections

In my usual web travels I stumbled upon a really neat and interesting site called Predictem. The site features free picks on about every sport imaginable, including my favorite, horseracing. Skimming through the site I noticed several different drop down menus; Picks, Best Sportsbooks, Betting Sites, Horse Betting and Forums. Unfortunately the horse betting sites listed on Predictem were all out of country sportsbooks that do not contribute to the pari-mutual pools here in the United States. Predictem though is still a pretty neat site to go to if you want to trail them fro all types of sports picks that they offer for free. The even pick every race for Belmont Park, Santa Anita and Gulfstream Park.

In the interest of free visiting Predictem how can you go wrong? Unless of course you trail their picks and they aren’t that good in which I have not gotten to that yet. I might circle back at some point and review their picks. The do offer some ads on their site for sportsbooks but it was nothing that seemed too oppressive to deal with from a user experience. For newbies, Predictem has a horse betting guide that explains how to bet horses and to be completely honest with you there isn’t enough of that going around. There are many people who like to bet the horses but have no idea of how, usually they play a lot of show bets and just go to the track once or twice a year to have some fun.

Predictem has a forum as I stated earlier where people can interact with each other and share ideas about sporting games, who they like and why. The horseracing section of their forum needs a little help as it may not be as popular as the other subjects in the forum as they only posted three separate times this year. Predictem is a fairly decent site to visit that shares all types of sports information. Overall not a bad looking site and very functional. Check them out sometime here. If I were the site owner of Predictem I would make improvements to the horse racing section.

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