Pegasus World Cup 2022: History, Betting Tips, Schedules, and Everything You Need to Know

January 17, 2022

Sports lovers worldwide are gearing up for the long list of thrilling events the year promises. These events include the FIFA World Cup, ODI World Cup for Women, Presidents Cup, and the Pegasus World Cup 2022.

The Pegasus World Cup 2022 is surely one to look forward to. The adrenaline-pumping games provide top-notch excitement for horse racing fans.

It’s also going to be a favorite among bettors as there would be a large pool of games to place bets on. Successful bettors thrive on information. Tips and analyses from top sites like TVG guarantee a higher chance of profitable returns.  As such, following the TVG coverage of the Pegasus World Cup could be a great thing to do.

Only a couple of weeks away, there’s the need to strategize and know which horses and the type of races to bet on. To this effect, we have compiled an all-inclusive report detailing the rich history of this tournament, along with betting tips, race schedules, and all other things you would need to guide your decision-making.

History of the Pegasus World Cup

The contest was termed after the imposing statue – Pegasus and Dragon – seated in the parking lot of the Gulf Stream Park. It portrays the mythical winged stallion contending with a dragon at its feet. The eye-wonder of a statue stands tall at 100ft, and track owner Frank Stronach decided on the best way to honor it.

From its inception, the Pegasus World Cup toppled the Dubai World Cup as the richest of its kind in the world – starting with an initial purse of $12 million.

The purse money was put together by the participants’ connections, with a fee of $1 million required to enter a horse. The organizers, the Stronach Group, then boosted the sum. This means that this race was worth a whopping $16 million in 2017, at the time of inception.

There was a famed hiatus of first-class racing at that time, and the sport needed to renew the interest of owners, fans, and all other involved parties. Hence, the late calendar placement of January was seen as a solution to enable competitors to participate before they go off to breed in February.

Presently, the race has adopted a more traditional approach, eradicating the buy-in format of old. There’s also a greater increase in talent, horse for horse – albeit with smaller fields.

Betting Tips

The power of knowledge cuts across every aspect of our everyday life, and betting on the Pegasus World Cup isn’t exempted.

The advantage of getting tips and guides from seasoned professionals can’t be overstated. Some of these tips include;

·         Trainer condition – The experience, the win record, and the prize money won all contribute to crucial stats to be considered when reviewing the trainers of these horses. Nonetheless, a trainer is only as good as the horse handed to them. So, it’s important to look beyond the overall win rate and consider the percentage of wins across different breeds of horses the trainer gets to work with. The stats needed to aid your choices are as readily available as the stats of the horse’s general track performance.

·         Jockey Performance – A good jockey handling a good horse on a good track is a sure recipe for success. The best of jockeys, once proven, easily get handed the most favorable, well-bred horses to compete. While most jockeys sign retainers, keeping them attached to specific barns, a few still move around depending on the condition of things. Their agents can get them mounted on the best of horses with high winning chances. So moves like this should get your attention as they are usually done with a good level of confidence.

·         Speed Stats – Like in every other racing event worldwide, speed plays a key role in determining the outcome of things. Look out for horses with good starting speed as this would often help them dictate the pace of the race. How fast a horse can move from one point to another is essential when picking which to bet on.

Track Information List

Information on the tracks to be used during this tournament is just as essential as keeping up with the jockey and trainer form. Knowing the differences between the tracks, the low-grade ones, and the grade 1s would keep you one step closer to securing good profits. Stay informed on the best race tracks as the competition kicks into full gear.

Track Conditions

There are three general types of track surfaces where all races are conducted. Dirt, Turf, and Synthetic. Many tracks apply a double-track system within their oval – the inside is turf while they have dirt outside.

In the 2000s and the 2010s, we saw a lot of tracks install synthetic race surfaces, which serve like Astroturf for their dirt. Synthetic tracks have always been labeled as fast.

Many tracks worldwide use similar labels to notify the public of the track’s level of wetness. Many of these labels have been listed to help improve your knowledge of sports.

Horse Racing Odds

Understanding racing odds is a priority – especially for beginners and rookie bettors. It minimizes your chances of losing money and ensures you don’t get confused. Often, in a bid to make quick profits, newbies go in without first gaining this knowledge, and they end up with heavy losses.

Common betting terms like exotic wagers, pari-mutuel payoff, and many more have been listed here to guide you – beginner and pro-bettors alike.


In less than a month, owners, jockeys, trainers, and horses would be competing for the top prize, and you don’t have to be left out. The Pegasus World Cup 2022 promises to be a lot of delightful moments for the viewers and bettors alike. In the meantime, you can continue to absorb the thrill from other sporting events going on right now.

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