PaceAdvantage: A Forum Built For Horse Players

October 6, 2019

One of my favorite websites to visit is Paceadvantage, created in 1999 it’s a forum that has thousands of members that share ideas, talk about their racing picks and even at times argue over racing politics. Paceadvantage also has a section where you can read up about various handicapping tools that people have tried. If you cannot trust a horseplayer that used them before who could you trust? Paceadvantage isn’t the sexiest of racing websites but who needs sexy when your talking horses. The trouble with so many websites today on horse racing is that they are trying to doll the sport up a bit. Paceadvantage is a no frills site that gives the information without all the curtains and window dressing.

The forums consist of General Handicapping Discussion, General Racing Discussion, Handicapper Corner, Triple Crown Trail, Handicapping Software, Advance Deposit Wagering, Handicapping Library, Horse Players Association of North America, Selections, Harness Racing and Off Site Contests. There are a few off topic areas that deal with poker,sports and politics. Paceadvantage seems to have several topics covered why would you go anywhere else?

As I explained earlier it is a no frills site, but make no mistake about it the traffic that this website hauls in on a daily basis is nothing short of amazing. Truthfully it’s a web based throwback to a time when OTB was in vogue and racing was racing. Nothing like today’s dressed up version of yesteryear. Some things change and not for the better, If they ever updated their site I am not so sure if would garner the same feelings among the purest like me.

Paceadvantage runs on donations from it’s visitors, if you ever get the chance to visit sit down and stay a while and don’t be to shy at throwing a few dollars their way to help with the costs.

Great writing my man, awesome, thank you so much. Well done.

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