NYRA Bets: Big Player in the Pari-Mutual Markets

October 6, 2019

New York Racing Association announced in 2016 that NYRA Bets had successfully became available in other areas of the country, and since they have continued to expand to additional areas making it available almost everywhere in the U.S. Claiming to feature the most advanced wagering technology in horse racing with a state-of-the art betting platform, NYRA Bets has come a long way and was only available to residents of New York State at one time.

“NYRA Bets has shown that they continue to improve and expand their presence nationally to give their customers the best pari- mutual betting technology available. This betting platform has definitely has become a major player in the ADW market with their high quality HD video streaming service that can be enjoyed on any device such as; a laptop, television, desktop, smart phone or tablet. They also feature a national racing broadcast called Saratoga live that is available in over 65 million residences. NYRA Bets is available to the masses so you could be able to watch and wager on the races at any track in the country at the click of a button.

NYRA Bets is big on rewards, offering many incentives to play on their advance deposit wagering site. Signing up is a snap within minutes your playing and watching with no long delay. One of my favorite things is that they offer the ability to deposit without charging a fee. With a few different ways to place a wager you can use their interface on your mobile, on track or online at home. To learn more about NYRA Bets please visit them here for additional information.

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